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How Weight Loss Can affect Asthma

8/22 17:43:35

How Weight Loss Can affect Asthma

Due to their inability to exercise or do physical activity, asthmatics tend to put on weight. Weight gain or obesity with asthma can be fatal. Therefore, lifestyle changes are very important. Losing weight and exercising are crucial parts of lifestyle changes that obese asthmatics need to incorporate.  Patients, who succeed in adapting to these changes, tend to have better control of their asthma. [Read: How to Lose Weight]


Losing even a few pounds can have a big impact on asthma and relieve asthma symptoms reducing the need for medication. Asthmatics, who are overweight, must consult a dietician to know the ideal diet, which will help in asthma management. [Read: How to Control Asthma Symptoms]


How to Lose Weight with Asthma?

Asthma causes difficulty in performing exercises and some asthma medications increase hunger leading to weight gain. To lose weight, a patient needs to keep his/her asthma symptoms under control. He/she should have an active lifestyle. In addition to this, he/she must be aware of asthma triggers and his/her physical limitations. Asthma patients should avoid water sports or other cold-weather sports if cold air/water triggers asthma attack. Running sports such as football, soccer etc can also cause asthma attack. Asthmatics can indulge in sports such as baseball, volleyball or badminton, which have shorter period of activity. Walking on a treadmill for 15-20 minutes at an average speed every day is also a good choice. Swimming for those who do not have water-induced asthma is also a good option. While doing exercises or performing any sport, an asthmatic patient must take intervals to avoid asthma attack. Following a weight loss program that is appropriate for asthmatics can relieve asthma symptoms.

Why does Obesity make Asthma worse?

  • Obesity or having excess of body fat makes the movements of the chest difficult and puts pressure on lungs thereby, making breathing difficult. This leads to more contraction of airway passages causing more asthma symptoms.
  • In obese people with asthma, airways are more likely to stay blocked with fluid secreted by body so there is less oxygen travelling to lungs resulting in breathlessness.
  • Obesity is also one of the reasons of general inflammation in the body making asthma symptoms worse.
  • Obese people are more likely to develop problems with reflux and obstructive sleep apnoea (where you stop breathing while asleep), both of which worsen asthma.
  • Children, who are obese, have chances of developing small size or poorly developed lungs thus, having greater chances of developing asthma in future.




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