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How to Get Motivated To Lose Weight?

8/22 17:42:55

How to Get Motivated To Lose Weight

Motivation is the ultimate weapon. It drives to do the best that you can; it makes you strive for the highest. Without motivation much of what people achieve would not have been possible. Losing weight is such a thing that needs a driving force. It is of course not easy to get out of your comfortable couch or your king size bed, but what if you don’t?


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Let us take a look at the steps below that can motivate us:


The pros and cons – Try and think about the pros and cons of going to exercise and not going. Try and imagine what it is going to be like if you do not do your exercises and do not strive to do the best. Think how fat and goofy will you be if you don’t and how fit and fine you will be if you do. The ‘if I do’ and ‘if I don’t’ game sure enough wakes you up.


Get a good gym partner and trainer – While it is not every day that you get a trainer like Paulie (Sylvester Stallone’s trainer in the film Rocky), yet you can try and get a good partner to accompany you in the gym. It is very important that you have a trainer and partner who guides and motivates you. Often the same person can be both! This works miracles. [Read: Kind of Trainers to Avoid]


Set a Goal – You want to lose weight, and do you know how much? Do you know how much of muscle you would like to see on yourself? You have to set a definite goal and work towards it. You need to be sure of your aim and goal and so set your aim right. A lost sheep is no good and so be found, only then will you be sure of what to expect from yourself. [Read: Advantages and Disadvantages of Goal Setting]


Inspiration – This is what makes you move forward. Find a certain someone whom you admire and pin up his picture on your wall and remind yourself, ‘if he can, so can I’. Often we see people obsessed with building a body and they go crazy watching videos, learning, reading only about losing weight and building a terrific body. Do not be so mad about it, just take an hour or two out from you daily life and dedicate it to your body.


Enjoy – Have fun with what you do. Do not think it to be a torture or a bore. Buy some new training clothes and a running shoe, make a work out playlist and have fun with it! Savour the adrenalin rush, trust me it’s addictive!


Losing weight is much of a mind game, learn the ropes and ace it.



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