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Can Fruits & Nuts Make You Lose Weight?

8/22 17:42:53

Can Fruits and Nuts Make You Lose Weight

Eating Fruits and Nuts is considered a healthy choice for people who are trying to lose weight.  Both of these provide high quality, fibre rich and low fat nutrients to your body and are very easy to carry.  Although nuts and fruits  alone cannot provide complete nourishment to your body, they are indeed a great option for snacking as a part of your balanced weight loss diet plan. Before including them in your diet plan, consider your daily calorie intake, required fat consumption and food preferences.


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Weight Loss with Nuts

The rule of thumb to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume in a day. Therefore, keep in mind that nuts are high in calories and  excess consumption of these may also become a hurdle in your weight loss  goal. One cup of mixed nuts includes 876 calories, which is almost 75 per cent of the calories an average woman needs in a day.  Limit your daily consumption of nuts to half oz. per day. This will give you 87 calories and that won’t be an obstacle in your weight loss plan. Another consideration about eating nuts is the amount of sodium they contain. Due to high amount of sodium, the body starts retaining water making it difficult for you to shed those extra kilos. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashews are considered best nuts for weight loss even though they are  rich in calories Always remember that including them in your diet won’t make you lose weight quickly but will ensure that you lose it in a healthy way.


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Weight Loss with Fruits

Fresh fruits are best food options for those wanting to lose weight. Not only low in calories, foods are high in fibre and contain antioxidants. The antioxidants help in detoxifying the body by neutralising the free radicals present in your bloodstream. This aids in weight loss and reduces the risk of certain cancer forms. Moreover, it prevents the onset of health and skin problems associated with aging. You can replace cheese sandwiches with fruit salad and dessert with sugar-free fruit custard. Fruits such as water melon and musk melon naturally have high levels of water; this keeps you hydrated and curbs water retention in your body to facilitate faster weight loss process.


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Basically, fruits and nuts make you feel full for longer and curb your chances of indulging in unhealthy and calorie-rich junk and fast foods. The bottom line of losing weight with fruits and nuts is that you should consume them in moderate quantity  without compromising on your daily calorie need and quality of the food you consume.


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