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How to Lose Weight on a Budget

8/22 17:41:38

How to Lose Weight on a Budget

One may feel that with lesser to spend, one would tend to have lesser food. It is seen that the opposite of this is found to be true in many cases. People who have restricted their spending to a budget are more inclined to drift towards fast food joints. Apart from that, overweight people can also manage to lose weight without professional help. Joining a gym or purchasing fancy weight loss foods are hardly the options for someone on a budget.


Some effective no-expense ways to lose weight


  • Walk your way to fitness – There can be a no. of ways to include more and more exercise into your daily activities. Other than that, you can also take to walking separately as a mild form of exercise. It would be advisable to start off with walking rather than running. It is a very good way to burn a lot of calories without spending a penny. 20 to 30 minutes of daily brisk walk is all that you may need to tone your body.
  • Drink water. It is free! – Are you fond of sodas? This is something you can avoid to be in your budget. Take to water instead which is free and full of benefits that include weight loss. Just by replacing water with soda, you can bring your weight down within a few months.
  • Limit your grocery purchase – Make a list of food items you need to buy and stick to them when visiting the grocery. Make a conscious effort to avoid impulse buying and include healthy foods in grocery list such as fresh vegetables, salads, low fat dairy and the like.
  • Portion control – Being on a budget is a good opportunity to learn portion control. The state of mind of restricting yourself when spending should be brought forth while eating too. Taking smaller portions and chewing it for a longer time so that it gets digested are good ways to lose weight.
  • Canned vegetables – These can be as nutritious as fresh veggies for losing weight along with being much more budget friendly. You can find lesser priced version of certain vegetables such as kernel corn that are cheaper than the fresh variety. Although the flavour may vary but you can fix that with other ingredients in your recipe.
  • Beans for protein – You can substitute beans for meats as it is a very cost-effective way of protein intake.



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