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How to be Disciplined to Lose Weight

8/22 17:38:42

Losing weight is as much about being disciplined as it is about all the tricks of the game. If you are not a disciplined person then you can never lose weight.


weight loss disciplineWhen on a journey to lose weight, discipline is a friend, a philosopher and a guide who gets you to your aim. It is the cornerstone for anything that you want to see yourself achieving. It is one of the most sought after virtues. Discipline begins at an early age. However, it can be easily inducted in one’s lifetime.


There are many ways in which one can get disciplined; the prime factor here is to have the mind in a strong position so that one can get in the, I want to lose weight mode.


Know the Flipside

Find out what will happen if you do not lose weight, try and research on the topic. You will know that excessive weight leads to many complications, such as, type 2 diabetes, cancer risks and heart diseases to name a few. It is not good to have excess weight and the sooner you realise the better it will be to discipline yourself.  


Your Aim

Make sure you have a goal that can be worked upon. Do not aim to be a hunk or a diva in a span of three months; believe us, it will never work out. This is being said not to discourage you but unless you’re not disciplined and setting achievable goals, you will find yourself stuck in the rat race to being the fittest.  You will find that not much is happening even though you’re exercising as a result of which whatever little hard work you had put in to discipline yourself will and then your discipline will fall to the pits.  



So what exactly motivates you to lose weight? A certain clothing that you want to fit into? Is it a girl or a guy you have a crush on, or a wedding that you need to attend in a few months time? Always tear out relevant pictures and other important things that will motivate you even further and make you want to achieve your goals. You will automatically discipline yourself.



remind yourself that you can, nothing is impossible in this wide world and as discussed earlier, set achievable/realistic goals and voila, you will be on the road to being the sexy and fitter you!



Yes, this may sound old school, but a time table will work in your favour. Remember the time table in school? It was followed rigorously wasn’t it? So, one of the most important things is to create a time table and following it, every time you move away from that schedule remind yourself about the consequences.  It may be a diet chart, a gym schedule or anything that helps you lose weight. Make one, now!


Losing weight is not an easy task, and to tell you the truth it may get on to your nerves at times. But just think about the way you will look and feel when you do lose weight. Priceless, isn’t it? Get, set, go then!


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