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Middle Aged Men Lose More Hair than Weight; Let’s Change It

8/22 17:37:58

They eat whatever they want whenever they want and remain a normal size- regardless of whether or not they bet on 15 cheeseburgers at a  time, or gulped down a pint of beer during a match- men in their 20s and 30s can lose weight by just eating a bit less and moving a bit more.

But when men reach middle age, their metabolism slows down, and if they practise a sedentary lifestyle, it becomes much more detrimental to their waistline and health. They may drink less or cut down on carbs, but the pounds wouldn’t drop away. Their magical ability to shift the pounds seems to have left them.

Staying fit, however, does not have to be an uphill struggle for middle aged men. A few small changes in your diet and exercise routine can help shed those unwanted pounds and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

weight loss in middle aged men

Harness Stress Fat

Much of the fat accumulated during the middle years is around the waist. It commonly is called stress fat since it is the main source that provides middle aged men energy to fight stressful situations. But, too much of stress fat is dangerous because it can give you a heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

You might believe that proceeding with an extreme calorie restriction could help revive this calorie-burning metabolism. Don’t. Calorie restriction depresses the metabolism further.

You should aim for a healthy mind to achieve a healthy body. You honestly can’t lose 20 kgs for your daughter’s wedding; aim at looking ‘fit’ which feels better than ‘thin.’

weight loss tips for middle aged men

Exercise Seriously

Not too much but serious exercise cannot just improve your quality of life but, also extend it. A study done by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden showed that individuals with high activity levels (three or more hours of physical activity like gardening, swimming laps or joining an intramural sports team) lived more than two years longer than people with a sedentary lifestyle. Which means- two more years of doting on your wife, two more years of nagging your son-in-law, two more years of discussing politics, two more years of travelling around the world, and two more years to do what you couldn’t do till now. Who wouldn’t like that?

weight loss tips for men

Eat Mindfully

Your growing age makes your capacity to metabolise fat less efficient and which in turn makes it more difficult for you to maintain the same weight with the same level of effort. You must have understood the importance of making healthy diet choices to lose weight.

The first step is to break down your traditional three-large-meal eating routine into five or six smaller meals. This will make you feel satiated throughout the day and you will not tend to overeat at mealtimes. This practise also stabilizes the metabolism in middle aged men by turning their body into a calorie-burning furnace.

You should add more fruits and vegetables to your meal plan to ensure that your food choices are healthy and are helping you to lose weight. Research conducted at Northwestern University found that individuals can significantly cut their risk of obesity by eating more fruits and vegetables.

weight loss tips

Entering the middle age can limit your body in many ways. Therefore, it is important to consult a medical professional to evaluate your current level of health, before you implement any workout routine or diet plan.

By middle age, most individuals will have established a pattern of physical activity, and suddenly altering that can lead to health complications or injury. To prevent this, start your exercise plan slowly.

The same principle applies to your diet, so be sure not to make any drastic changes, or you may risk burning out and abandoning your diet and exercise plan altogether.

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