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Weight Loss Exercises for Women

8/22 17:36:33

Most of the women feel the need to lose weight. Popular culture has contributed so immensely to the collective minds that having a well toned body seems to be very important. Here are some exercises for women to lose weight.


weight loss exercises for women


Excess weight makes you prone to many diseases (such as type 1 diabetes), so it is important to get rid of the accumulate fat. Since women have lower metabolism then men, they need to work harder to lose weight. In his book "Applied Sport Psychology”, Dr. Mark Anshel mentioned that one of the common barrier women face while exercising is boredom. An enjoyable environment for workout can help to overcome this problem. You can either go to park, gym or call your friends for company. Here are the weight loss exercises for women which will help them to lose weight.


Bicycling and Stationary Biking

Cardio exercises boost metabolism and help to reduce weight. Bicycling and stationary biking are simple cardio exercises that give surprising results within few weeks. With these cardio exercises you can tone up your legs, hips and buttocks. Depending on pace of your exercise, on an average an hour of cardio exercise burns around 500-1000 calories.



Dancing is a good way to lose the extra pounds, and this can be done at the comfort of your home. All you need is a music system and some wild numbers to go with it, it is a very effective cardio weight loss exercise for women. To top it all it is a fun and enjoyable way to lose extra weight.


By swimming for an hour you can get rid of 800 calories, and it is well known that a swimmer has the best body, so why not! However, this figure may vary depending on the intensity of your strokes.


Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercise is another effective weight loss exercise for women. It makes you sweat and accelerate your heart rate. With good aerobic exercise you can work on whole body, it is effective way to tone legs, hips and buttocks. For toned stomach you can use elliptical burner and can rid of 600 calories per hour.

Stretching Exercises

Stretching should be the first thing you should do when you wake up, as it allows the blood to circulate in your body. By stretching you are also lengthening and preparing the muscles for exercise or sportsS Additionally stretching exercises are also helpful to burn fat, and this can be easily done at home however, in supervision of a qualified trainer.


Running and Walking

Both of them are great option for weight loss. Running and walking are cardio exercise that improves flexibility of person as well.


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has successfully helped many people to come back to their original shape.  Power yoga is known for giving effective results in weight loss and to boost general strength of body.


women weight loss



By jogging you can burn the extra calories that you consume on daily basis. Begin your jogging with a light warm up, start by walking for five minutes followed by light squad stretch.


Strength Training

If you want to lose weight from your midsection then abdominal crunches are best for you. Sit ups and abdominal crunches work only on the small area and hence are not very effective in overall weight loss. However, such exercises can be done to prevent metabolic slowdown that otherwise limits effect of dieting. Metabolic slowdown also results in post-diet weight gain. Mind your metabolism if you are on diet.


Excess weight is a terrible demotivation for people, and we try real hard to get fit and trimmed. What we must remember is that it is the little things that counts, so get going and be active!




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