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What to eat after weight loss surgery?

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Weight loss or Bariatric surgery changes the structure of your stomach pouch. The altered shape and size means that many foods that you used to enjoy before the surgery would no longer be suitable for your body.


Most doctors would recommend on the same lines – at first not to have anything for the first 48 hours, after which purees and similar soft on the tummy food are gradually introduced to be followed for a month.


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You would be advised to eat in a certain manner after this surgery. Some common safeguards and disciplines to be observed after the operation are:

  • Avoiding foods that are high in fat and sugar.
  • Eating small portions.
  • Insistence on thorough chewing of your food.
  • Drinking eight to ten glasses of water daily but not with meals.


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Given below are some foods that you can eat after weight loss surgery:

  • Purees for a month after surgery – Your stomach is very sensitive after the operation and needs to be supported with foods that can be readily digested. It may well be recommended for a month by your surgeon. So, stock up on pureed foods such as baby food that appeal to taste for four weeks.


  • Easily digestible protein for muscle building – Some easily digestible sources of protein include skimmed milk, low fat dairy products such as yoghurt and eggs. These foods are excellent for building muscle strength. Your body is in a state of repair and high quality protein is much needed for repair of damaged cells. Protein and carbohydrates should be high in ratio of your foods in your diet.


  • Cooked cereals with milk – You can use skimmed milk for having cereals. Take your pick of cereals from oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat or have these alternatively. They will provide you with constant energy after being readily absorbed in the body.


  • Fruits and vegetables – No list of healthy and easy on the stomach foods can be complete without a mention of fruits and vegetables. These are full of nutrients and also get easily digested. You can also supplement these by vitamins and minerals as recommended by your surgeon.

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