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How Stress Changes The Way Our Body Works

8/22 16:39:37
Stress influences functions of our bodies in numerous ways. Most of the effects are negative as stress is known to cause serious physical and psychological problems, so we should do our best to deal with it as soon as possible.

We all more or less know how the effects of stress look like. The heart beats faster, breath becomes faster and shorter bringing, the digestive system is shut down as the body concentrates on giving us the best chance in the fight or run. Muscles tighten and get ready to rapid movement, but at the same time secondary body functions such as talking and eating suffer. The "dry mouth" effect typical for stressful situations is caused by the fact that blood is directed to muscles and lunges rather than to mouth, causing troubles with talking. The fact that stomach shuts itself down makes it extremely hard to swallow anything, and even harder to digest the food. This may lead to serious stomach problems such as cramps.

Long-term stress can cause severe damages both in the mind and in the body. The development of health problems is slow, but inevitable unless you cope with the source of stress. Stomach cramps, muscle problems, sleeplessness and heart strokes are only a few examples of what can happen to people who suffer from stress. The mind does not take it much better - anxiety disorders and depressions are very common outcomes of long-term stress. People start feeling lonely, ugly and unwanted and shut themselves off others.

The body and mind are not the only things that can be destroyed by stress. Your family and social life are also in danger. As stress increases one's aggression level and decrease the tendency to cooperate with others, it poses a serious threat to one's family. People living under stress often get furious for little or no reason and unsurprisingly it is the family and friends who will suffer most. Living with a person suffering from stress-induced problems requires a great deal of understanding.
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