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Ephedra Diet Pills

8/22 16:39:34
There is no doubt that a lot of people are still interested in ephedra weight loss pills with thousands of searches performed everyday. They are still looking for popular brand name weight loss pills that contained ephedra but unfortunately these products are no longer available.

Ephedra worked as a fat burner but the product needed high amounts of the alkaloid ephedrine that had to be combined with caffeine to boost the weight loss effects. Ma Huang as it was known in China had never been used for weight loss until it was discovered to be as effective as many prescription drugs.

How ephedra works is a bit complicated. Fat burning messengers come from the chemicals ephedrine (the strongest one) and pseudoephedrine found in the ephedra plant. These chemicals were found about two decades ago to help the body burn additional body fat. You need to have large enough amounts of ephedrine combined with caffeine to really do the work.

Ephedra weight loss pills were cheap and effective and hardly dangerous especially when compared to prescription drugs. Obesity rates are climbing rapidly despite the "wonder" drugs that keep coming out. Soon, within a few years it is thought that 75% of all the people in the US will be overweight. Ephedra helped a lot of people keep weight off so that they didn't have to become one of the 300,000 people that die each year due to obesity related health problems.

Products like aspirin (called NSAIDs or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) killed an estimated 7,600 people and hospitalized 76,000 more in the US in a single year. How about the fact that in a single year (2000) there were over 100,000 deaths from the proper use of prescription drugs. Compare that information to the fact that ephedra and ephedrine drugs may have possibly contributed to a grand total of 84 deaths during a 10 year period. Now the ephedra ban when compared to those numbers makes no logical sense at all.

How ephedra works in your body to burn fat is it simulates an adrenaline rush. The chemical ephedrine, found in ephedra, acts like epinephrine and will cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase. Along with these actions you will also experience increased thermogenesis which causes your body to become warmer by burning more calories. Typically fat stores are released to meet this demand for more calories.

The FDA wanted to ban ephedra. When they were holding hearings and gathering evidence about ephedra they ignored supporting information, and twisted harmful information so that ephedra would look as bad as possible.

Hey, if you are really interested in utilizing ephedra fat burners then there is way to still have them. Just find the link at the bottom of this article and I will tell you how to go about creating your own ephedrine based fat burner recipes.
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