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A Look at Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico: The Obesity Control CenterWeight loss surgery in Mexico has

8/22 16:39:03
Weight loss surgery in Mexico has been perfected by two of the leading doctors in the world of this procedure. Dr. Ariel Ortiz and Dr. Arturo Martinez have done over 5,000 successful weight loss surgeries; procedures and they opened their own practice called the Obesity Control Center in Mexico. Their staff is professionally trained in the medical procedures and care field to assist you after your surgery. They also include a cardiologist, patient coordinators, and nutritionist, nurses and office staff to be part of their medical team. They have two offices for their patient's convenience, one in Cancun and one in Tijuana.

The Amery Med Hospital in Cancun and the Lap Band center in Tijuana are completely equipped with tools to meet the patient's needs during the surgery and recovery periods. Weight loss surgery in Mexico at these two facilities exceeds all surgery standards that are based on those in the United States. The surgery is done after doctors evaluated the patient and approves them to undergo the procedure.

Each patient of weight loss surgery in Mexico is brought out to San Diego, California, for all of his or her pre-operative evaluations. They will stay at the Lucerne Hotel and meet with the patient coordinator to assure all of the pre-op paperwork and testing is completed before traveling on to Mexico. The patient's coordinator will accompany the patient to all of their pre-operative testing

Upon arrival at the weight loss surgery center in Mexico, patients will be admitted and then escorted to their suite rooms, and prepare them for the surgery. There will be one final meeting with the two doctors, and then the laparoscopic surgery will be prepared. The length of time patient will undergo the procedure will be base on his/her decision. Typically the surgery only takes one to two hours, and the head surgeon will advise the patient's family about their condition when it is done.

Patients of weight loss surgery in Mexico will stay in recovery room for forty-eight hours to ensure that there are no complications. 24-hour will be spent at the center and then the patient will be discharged back to San Diego to the Lucerne Hotel. Here, hotel staff will assist the patient for some relaxation and provides them with approved clear liquid food. It is sure enough that the staff at the hotel has worked closely with the two doctors on previous cases.

Finally, weight loss surgery patients will see the doctors for the last time before being completely discharged with a diet and exercise regime. They will return to the Obesity Control Center or another qualified weight loss surgery center for adjustments to the lap band in six to eight weeks. Patients who follow the doctor's advice on their diet and exercise will see approximately eighty to one hundred pounds changes from their overall weight within three to eight months. Each person is different and can expect their weight loss to fluctuate around those numbers with proper diet.
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