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Low Cost Wind Turbine Plans

8/22 16:10:01
Wow! Is it ever hard to find low cost wind turbine plans. A couple years ago when we went online looking for wind turbine plans we found plenty of sources of them.

The problem was that all of the authors seemed to want to prove to me how smart they were. I knew there was a better way to build a wind generator then going to university to learn all of the terms so we set out to build our own wind generator.

I thought it was going to be a monumental task, but in reality it only took us about 2 weekends to complete... and the best part is it could pass for one of those fancy commercial models.

Our wind generator produces 1000 watts at wind speeds of around 15MPH. We went ahead and built a second one so that our solar system wouldn't have to be as big. Right now we could last for about a week on batteries if the sun didn't shine and the wind didn't blow. The funny thing is that usually if the sun isn't shining the winds blowing and vice versa.

The goal when we built our wind generator was to build it for $500. I'm happy to say that we only spent $150. We got the motor off of eBay for cheap. The tower was free (yes, you can get free towers), the blades were made from 8" sewer pipe cut into a special shape, and we had to buy some other assorted nuts and bolts at the hardware store.

You will also need to go to Radio Shack (or circuit city I guess) and purchase a diode. A diode is an interesting little component. It only allows electricity to flow in one direction. This little piece of hardware is crucial for your wind generator. Without it your batteries will start to spin it around instead of it producing power to fill them. I made this mistake right after we finished and I hooked it up. It was a calm day and to my surprise it started spinning like mad! After we got the diode hooked up it worked quite well though.

So the next time you're looking around at low cost wind turbine plans on the internet just remember that the author probably wants to show you how smart he/she is. Make sure to contact them first and ask them whether or not a beginner would be able to figure them out. And remember, if we could build a wind turbine then you can to.

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