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How Do Solar Panels Work - Magic ? -

8/22 16:09:55
With energy prices at a all time high, the interest in alternative power has been at a all time high. People are searching for ways to generate electricity at home more then ever before. Not only generating power, but also saving energy. There is one solution that is available, and that is solar power. Most peoples reaction to the word solar power is awesome, how do I get started, but then are scared of how technical the whole process might be. Also one question that I always hear is How do solar panels work?

Solar panels really are very simple when you think about it. They take the light from the sun and then they convert it to a form of energy that we can use. But How do they do this? The answer is they use an element called silicon, electrons are found in silicon atoms, the silicon atoms can bond with other silicon atoms to share the electrons which in a complicated fashion make electricity. Its technical I know, but dont let that discourage you.

Basically when the sunlight interacts with the silicon it created electricity. But because this happens on a microscopic level, a large amount of solar cells are needed to make them become efficient. To put it in perspective, I had a company come out and give me a bid on what it would take for me to live completely off the grid, with a solar power system that would install. I about passed out when I saw the big come back at over 10 thousand dollars. Now I live in a 2000 square feet house, and use quite a lot of electrical equipment but that is still a hefty bill.

If you think that putting solar panels in your home is something that you would like to do, you are in luck. There are a number of kits available on the internet today. There are also physical kits available that come with everything that you need, but tend to be more expensive, but provide everything that you need to answer that question, how do solar panels work.

You can install the solar panels your self but there are some things that you need to consider before installing the solar panels.
- Make sure you have enough room on your roof
- Make sure your roof gets ad least 6 hours of direct sun light
- Do not place near trees, solar panels get damaged easily ( falling debris )
- Set aside 1-2 days for installation
- Try and install the solar panels near the place where you will be running the wiring inside
If you consider all these things and decide you are ready to install solar panels, but its just down to buying the kit and following the instructions.

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