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5 Best ways to lose weight for women

8/22 14:45:29

Both men and women want to lose weight. But if I were to choose on which gender is more aggressive or desperate to lose weight fast, I would say it would be the women. This is because, women have more options in clothing style, are more conscious of how they look and gain self-esteem plus confidence from their appearance.

Oddly enough, the female gender is the one who wants to have a well sculpted physique, but they are also the ones who find it harder to achieve it. This is because women have more body fat percentage and less muscle mass than men. Do not lose hope though because this article will tell you the five best ways on how to shed off those excess pounds.


#1 finding the right reasons

Unlike most men who usually do things with no deep or apparent reason and yet succeed, a woman needs to have the right reason/s to keep moving. A woman must have the right reason to shop, to drink, to work, and to lose weight so she’ll be able to do or even to start a specific task.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to ask yourself the question “Why do I want to lose weight?” It is unsurprising if you cannot come up with 101 reasons, but the most important thing is to choose the best among the list and engrave it to your mind and heart so you’ll never give up even when you feel like going to.

#2 make sure you have a strong support group

Women usually have different means to deflate all the bad emotions they feel inside. They can call their BFF to cry with them, they have a sweet tooth that tells them to eat chocolate and benefit from the ‘happy chemical’ called phenylethylamine (PEA). Though this may sound healthy, but chatting and crying with girl friends always involves a food element. Common foods in a normal girl bonding are sweets like cake and muffins, junk food like chips, and alcohol.

For that reason, make sure that your support group is strong enough and that they too are conscious for their health. This is to avoid any innocent but bad health influence. Talk with your friends and ask them to help you lose weight by not serving unhealthy foods (especially chocolates as they contain very high amount of calories) whenever you cry running to them.


#3 Calorie counting

If you are not quite good in computing your calorie input and output, you may use online calorie calculators to do so. Also, if you are the type of person who is not good in memorizing numbers, you may write your daily calorie count by keeping a food journal.

Since calories play a vital role in weight gain and weight loss, monitoring your calories is very important. By doing so, you’ll know if you are taking in too much and you’ll be able to plan your weight loss menu.

#4 Engage in fun activities

Singer Cyndi Lauper said on her award-winning song, “Girls just want to have fun”. She is right. Girls are not as persevering as boys when it comes to exercise. Girls are often caught chatting with their gym buddies or ending up in the gym’s cafeteria.

A fitness trainer-friend told me that in a three hour workout, girls spend two hours chatting and just one hour to actually workout. For that reason, fitness experts have recommended that women should engage into activities they can burn calories while still having fun. Some suggested activities are sports like badminton, volleyball, and swimming, dancing like belly dancing, hiphop, and ballroom dancing, and the famous Pilates and yoga.

#5 Get as much workout as you can

Over 90% of the women in the United States go to work to earn a living. That means, women especially those who work in an office are getting sedentary jobs. Sedentary living as we all know is one of the major contributing factors of weight gain. Thus, to avoid that, women must make an extra effort to get those muscles working out.

In an office: try to get as much exercise by using the stairs instead of the elevators. Also, park as far as you can from the office so you’ll have a longer distance to walk and if your workplace is not too far from your house, try walking or biking to work instead.

At home: try to avoid sitting for long hours in front of the TV, but instead, why don’t you do simple workouts like jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. Another good calorie-burning activity at home is doing household chores like mowing, mopping, and washing dishes. This will not only make your house clean and organized, but helps you lose weight as well.

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