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The I’m-Not-On-A-Diet Diet

8/20 14:43:34

african american woman sleeping in bed(BlackDoctor.org) — Why is dieting so hard? Why does the weight keep coming back (if it ever really left at all)? Simple. Most people don’t approach the concept of dieting the right way.

Think about it – anyone can eat a certain way for a short period of time. But the true key to effective weight loss is changing your lifestyle for more than just a few weeks – you have adopt healthier patterns that you can follow for a lifetime. This is why most of those fad diets don’t work…at least not for long.

Want to lose weight and feel healthier for the rest of your life? Here are some easy-to-adopt lifestyle changes that will help you shed more pound…not just for now, but for tomorrow, too. And the day after that!

Sleep More

Sleeping an extra hour a night could help a person drop 14 pounds in a year, according to a University of Michigan researcher who ran the numbers for a 2,500 calorie per day intake. His scenario shows that when sleep replaces idle activities – and the usual mindless snacking – you can effortlessly cut calories by 6%. Results would vary for each person, but sleep may help in another way, too. There’s evidence that getting too little sleep revs up your appetite, making you uncommonly hungry.

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