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Tiffany Monique: Making Her Musical Weight Known

8/20 14:41:26

Tiffany Monique

(BlackDoctor.org)Who is Tiffany Monique? She’s a member of the three-woman troupe of backup singers for Beyonce, famously known as The Mama’s. Tiffany Monique’s newly released and second video, Anytime, centers on unrequited love between a man and a woman, but could easily be the theme of her weight loss journey and pursuit of a solo music career. The lyrics express a sentiment that if you see someone for who they truly are instead of through your own narrowed focus and judgments, you may recognize their value in your life before it is too late.

Anytime’s smooth jazz beat coupled with Tiffany’s equally brilliant vocal delivery appropriately conveys a quiet but powerful lesson in authentic love, such as the plea to “look at the whole person, because you might see that you have someone good that you are about to lose.”

With a desire to be a solo recording artist since childhood, Tiffany studied music and communications at Morgan State University in Maryland.  It was there that she began to gain weight on her 5’3” frame.

“I gained the freshman 15 lbs, and then the sophomore 15lbs, the junior and senior.  I definitely wasn’t as active in college as I was in high school, so the weight just piled on and I didn’t notice the impact as it was coming.”

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