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JJ Smith Kicks Off 30 Day Flat Belly Challenge

8/20 14:27:16

You’ve probably seen JJ Smith on the Steve Harvey show or one of her numerous TV appearances talking about how to lose weight without dieting or exercise. Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it’s not.

JJ Smith has dedicated her life to the field of healthy eating and living. After studying and applying knowledge about how to heal the body and lose weight, JJ went on to receive several certifications—one as a certified nutritionist and another as a certified weight-management expert. JJ received her certification as Nutritionist from the Institute of Holistic Healing. JJ received her certification as a Weight-Management Specialist from the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). She is also a member of the American Nutrition Association (ANA).

jj smith2
JJ’s passion is to educate others and share with them the natural remedies to stay slim, restore health, and look and feel younger and it’s evident in her writing and her appearances. She is a New York Times bestselling author, and has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, The View, The Better TV Show, The Montel Williams Show, The Jamie Foxx Show, and The Michael Baisden Show. All in all, she has helped her followers lose over 2 million pounds!

She is looking to help even more lose weight with her national flat belly challenge starting on July 11th. It’s the perfect time after the holiday to get fit and get flatten your belly in 30 days.

jj2Within the 30 day program you get:
– A 30-Day sugar detox
– 30 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
– A weight loss style guide
– A food chart with over 200 foods to help you stay slim
– 7 strategies to get inches off your waist in 30 days

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