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Weight Loss Help – Diet and Exercise Articles To Lose Weight

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thumbnail-weight-loss-basicsWeight Loss Basics – It’s important to really understand the basics of weight loss when you’re first starting out on your journey to a fit, slim and healthy life. Some of the key factors that need to be covered include how your body’s metabolism works along with the way food affects your weight loss efforts. Learning about these important aspects of weight loss will pay huge dividends in reaching your ultimate physique goals. Remember, knowledge is power so use the information in this area to help learn the tools needed to succeed!

  • BMR 101 (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  • What is Metabolism?
  • Metabolism Manipulation
  • Tips To Boost Your Metabolism
  • Foods To Kick-Start Your Metabolism


thumbnail-weight-loss-motivationWeight Loss Motivation – Staying motivated when losing weight is absolutely crucial for your success. You need a burning desire to change your habits and start something new. If you’ve packed on the pounds over the course of many years and you’re finally sick and tired of all the extra weight gain and lack of energy, then these motivational articles will provide effective tips to help give you the determination and initiative to start making real changes right now! It all starts with a drive to be better and become healthier so the helpful advice in this area will give you motivation to get started!

  • Fitness Motivation
  • 5 Tips To Self Motivation
  • Workout Motivation
  • Keys To Stay Motivated
  • Progression Motivation Cycle
  • How To Get Motivated Over 40
  • Losing Weight After 50


thumbnail-weight-loss-cookingHealthy Cooking Videos – Nutrition is probably the most important aspect of losing weight and successfully keeping it off. Your overall eating habits and the way you prepare meals at home play a critical role in consuming the best nutrient dense whole foods that will help you build muscle, burn fat and provide tons of energy throughout the day. These healthy cooking videos were created by Ryan Andrews who is a certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer. He provides excellent tips for preparing the best quality foods at home along with advice for saving money while you’re eating healthy.

  • Healthy Grocery Shopping
  • Kitchen Preparation
  • Farmers Market Foods
  • Dieting Myths Revealed
  • How To Avoid Being Overweight – Part 1
  • How To Avoid Being Overweight – Part 2


thumbnail-weight-loss-snacksNutritious Snacks – Having nutritious, low-calorie snacks around you at all times during the day is super important for staying on track with your weight loss program. Eating small nutrient dense mini-meals between your regular main meals will help stave off hunger, keep your blood sugar levels optimized and provide the energy you need to stay focused throughout the day. We have included the top 35 healthy snacks you can munch on during your busy work day to provide excellent nutrition and keep you on track with all of your weight loss goals! See Top 35 Healthy Snacks


thumbnail-weight-loss-questionsWeight Loss Questions – Learning from other people is one of the most important components for gaining knowledge and understanding for any subject. Losing weight can be extremely difficult sometimes and it really helps to read about common issues that most people have with helpful and effective solutions. We have a large collection of weight loss questions which have been submitted by people from all over the world. We answer many common concerns and provide helpful advice for subjects which include general dieting, nutrition, exercise and motivation!

  • Weight Loss Questions
  • Diet and Nutrition Questions
  • Fat Burning Questions


thumbnail-weight-loss-successGet Inspired To Lose Weight – The drive to get off the couch and start moving so you can drop pounds and inches is so important when you’re beginning your weight loss journey. Reading about other people’s common struggles and learning how they dealt with issues and what specifically they did to turn everything around to successfully drop pounds is extremely helpful to anyone who is interested in losing weight and keeping it off for a lifetime. Our weight loss success stories include in-depth interviews along with inspiring before and after photos to help get you encouraged to start a healthy fitness and nutrition plan today! Read Weight Loss Success Stories


thumbnail-weight-loss-fast-foodFast Food Calories – Eating out can be disastrous to a weight loss program but you don’t have to succumb to all of the poor choices when you decide to pick up a quick meal at your favorite fast food spot. Almost all restaurants now have healthy meal options on their menus and you can save hundreds if not thousands of extra calories by choosing healthier options. Our fast food nutrition area includes over 100 restaurants with detailed menu information so you can learn how many fat grams, carbs and calories are in your favorite fast foods and make smarter choices to help your waistline! View All Fast Food Restaurants

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