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The Minefield That Is Online Weight Loss

8/19 15:57:34

Weight Loss Online is a minefield for everyone that is serios about weight loss. There are snake oil salesmen, peddlers of poor quality scam products, and of course those sellers out to make quick profits from a desperate buyer or dieter.

What many of these online weight loss "experts" rely on is the fact that 95% of dieters will buy a diet program, open the front cover, see it's BIG and involves work and then give up. Really, how many diet books, exercise video's and pieces of exercise equipment do you have around your house ... and how many of those have you actually used (and used consistently).

There are a lot of online weight loss programs all promising instant weight loss, rapid weight loss and lots of other wild claims.

I can highly recommend choosing or buying an online weight loss program because there are some quality great ones out there. When you are choosing your weight loss program, bear in mind a few things.

What is the guarantee of the program you are looking at? Do they offer you a 5, 7, 14, 30 day guarantee or longer? The longer the guarantee the more chance you have to test the program thoroughly to make sure it works. However, check the fine print of the guarantee. Some of these programs have a lot of weasel clauses in them designed to make it difficult for you to return the product and get your money back. Look for a guarantee that is completely unconditional and you know you are safe.

If the program is purchased through Clickbank or Paypal then you know you are safe because Clickbank has an 8 week money back guarantee which it forces all merchants to comply with. In fact, you can contact the Clickbank staf direct for your refund without asking the merchant. Paypal is also very protective of its customers, and whilst it doesn't force a guarantee on its merchants, it will investigate claims about products not being as described.

EBay is another source of diet and weight loss programs. However, this is an ever bigger warfield. Whilst eBay is an excellent marketplace, it is unfortunately frequented by scammers and conmen selling pirated and illegal products, particularly if you are buying supplements or physical programs. Always check out a sellers feedback and make sure there is a lot of positives there - and check what they are for! A lot of sellers will buy 1c or $1 auctions to get lots of positive feedback in order to lool better as a seller. Make sure the positive feedback is for the product you are buying.

Check for how long they have been on eBay too. If they are a new seller then there is more of a chance of them not being 100% honest. However, if they have been there for years and have lots of positive feedback then you know they are much more likely to be honest. Ebay is a fantastic marketplace, but just like a real marketplace, you, as the buyer, need to have your wits about you.

There are some excellent online weight loss programs that come highly recommended, so be diligent in your selection of one and you can find yourself getting rid of that weight and being your ideal weight.

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