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Weight Loss Vacations For A Trim New Lifestyle?

8/19 15:57:17

Weight loss vacations are becoming increasingly popular in our rotund society. Generally, these vacations aim for a complete about-face in our usual habits - those very habits that made us waddle in the first place. Since a weight loss vacation can be quite expensive, we need solid information in order to know if the money we pay will results in the hoped-for weight loss.

Where Do I Go To Participate In A Weight Loss Vacation?

The most popular destination is a spa that is focused on health, detoxification and changing habits. There are also retreats that are focused on eating awareness and losing that extra poundage. That are even medical clinics that allow participants to check in for extended periods even though their patrons aren't sick. These kinds of locations are generally available only to more affluent citizens since they're usually quite expensive.

What Happens On A Weight Loss Vacation?

Naturally, meals focus on high quality, nutritious foods that are low in calories and fat. Group discussions and therapy that aim at helping participants become more aware of what they're eating - and why they're overeating - are standard. It's easier to make dramatic changes in a short time when the environment is confined and everyone else is focused on the same goal.

In addition, lots of physical activitiy is involved. These emphasize 'fun', rather than being exercise classes that call for drudgery and sweat: hiking, swimming, yoga, horseback riding, "gentle" aerobics and biking are examples of common exercise activities.

In addition, there are many activities focused specifically on reducing stress, relaxing and relieving the urge to stuff in the food. Examples of these luxurious 'extras' are hot oil treatments, massages, hot tubs soaks and sojourns in a sauna.

How Do I Know If A Fat-Loss Vacation Is Right For Me?

Here are three important clues to help you figure out if you should invest the time and money in a weight loss vacation.

1. How long will your stay be?

Obviously, the longer the visit, the greater the possibility of significant change. A weekend, no matter how powerful, is probably not going to change the habits of a lifetime. On the other hand, even such a short time as a week could be life changing because you might be invigorated, rejuvenated - and thinner. Such great feelings can be addictive. After all, who doesn't enjoy feeling light, energized and peaceful?

2. Who will be with you during your stay?

Some events, especially retreats, are focused on particular groups like women only, teenagers, people 50+, married couples or those who love a particular activity like yoga or pilates. The stronger your ties with your fellow vacationers, the more likely you are to get into the spirit of the event. It's hard to eat chocolate when everyone around you is eating fruit!

Further, with a homogeneous group, you are more likely to cultivate lasting relationships that will carry over after the event is history. Regular contact with like-minded people will help to ensure that the vacation benefits will be permanent.

3. Is there any follow-up available?

Some organizations and companies offer follow-up counseling, even if it is only via email or through periodic newsletters. Others, especially local clinics, may offer monthly or even weekly meetings that last for months - or even beyond with additional payment. Clearly, the more the new slim lifestyle learnings are reinforced, the more likely they are to endure.

Weight loss vacations can be quite transformative, simply because they are a break from the normal routine of life. Humans are definitely creatures of habit, even if those habits don't serve us well. Escaping from our usual haunts and people who trigger our patterns of overeating, help us to see life in new ways and create new patterns. This kind of dramatic result doesn't occur in every instance, of course, so keep your expectations realistic and it might be the most valuable trip of your life.

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