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Weight Loss Motivation : An Essential Element For Your Success.

8/19 15:53:49

A lot of people feel they 'lost' it, when it comes to the motivation behind weight loss endeavors. Whether it is down the back of the sofa, or dropped in the street, the motivation just isn't there to lose weight. In fact, there are hundreds of people who exercise 3-5 times per week in the beginning, but still fail to meet their weight loss and fitness goals because they can't stick with it for long.

Can this motivation be regained again so that one doesn't miss this one important element in losing weight ?

Having really targeted goals is the first step to make sure you don't lose the motivation again. As a fitness expert I see a lot of clients for weight loss and they all say, "I'm trying to lose some weight, can you help me."

Instantly, I know they are struggling and their chances of succeeding on their diet are slim.


Because they are "trying to lose SOME weight". What is the exact definition of some weight? Some weight is a pound, some weight is an ounce, some weight is 100 pounds! Some weight is an indefinable quantity that you are not really sure about.

When you are dieting, you have little weight loss motivation because sub-consciously, you do not know where you are going to end up with your weight loss program. All you know is that you are going to lose "SOME" weight. So if you diet for a bit and then find yourself a pound lighter ... CONGRATULATIONS! You've lost SOME weight.

Yeah sure, it's not what you really had in mind, I'm pretty sure you wanted to lose more than a pound, but sub-consciously - you've achieved your goal, so congratulations ... and back to eating you go.

While on dieting it is absolutely vital to know exactly how much weight you need to lose.This will provide you with weight loss motivation and the keys to success. If you know exactly how much you are getting rid of then

1) You know what you are aiming for
2) You know when you have got there
3) There is no confusion between your conscious and sub-conscious minds
4) You can stay motivated as you progress towards your weight loss target

Now, this may sound to you like it is very simplistic and silly and that "it's far too childish to work" (as a client said to me). But ... and let me just say that again in capital letters, BUT it works ... why does it work? You may ask ... It works because your sub-conscious mind is like a child! It is very simple, very honest and without guile.

Also remember if you want to look and feel better than you have in years and you want to protect yourself from several health risks, then weight loss is something you have to go for. Excess body fat is responsible for many physical threats like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. So, think of benefits that it is going to bring in terms of long term vital health.

Also joining a weight loss workout that you can enjoy in the long run is important. This way you ensure you are going after some long term efforts you can stick with and hopefully see results. This can be a crucial factor in maintaining motivation.

Don't make mistakes like skipping meals thinking it will help you lose more weight. If you see negative results because of your mistakes, your motivation may get hurt.

So play this childish game with yourself, put your weight loss goals own on paper and find your weight loss motivation and track your every move and results.

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