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Hoodia Gordonii Succulent Miracle Pills

8/19 15:14:50

In the 21st century, an ever growing number of men and women (and an astonishing number of children) have found themselves confronting weight problems. There are more obese people in many countries around the world at this point in time than at any other point in history. As a result, a significant number of people find themselves on the hunt for a miracle program through which they can lose weight with little effort. In other words, these people are seeking diet supplements that perform like miracle pills.

Before a specific discussion is had regarding the prospect of diet supplements in the form of miracle weight loss pills, it is important to remember a couple of factors. First, if you are interested in initiating any sort of diet program, you need to consult with your doctor before beginning any weight loss regimen. Your doctor can assist you in determining what sort of diet plan will best serve your needs and will best promote your own good health.

Second, if you are interested in crafting an effective weight loss and dieting program, you need to understand that in order to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep the weight off into the future, you must eat a balanced diet. In addition to a balanced diet, an effective weight loss or dieting regimen requires that a person engage in regular exercise that includes aerobic, stretching and strength building elements.

Diet supplements, when incorporated into a balanced diet regimen and a responsible workout program, can be very beneficial. However, when all is said and done, there is no such product as a miracle pill. Indeed, when it comes to seeking and effective and beneficial diet supplement, you must be very circumspect of products that make outlandish claims. Of course, there are some diet supplements that can aid in helping a person lose weight fast. However, fast weight loss is not always the best course. In fact, more often than not, fast weight loss is detrimental, not only to a person's health but to his or her overall dieting program.

While a person might be pleased with fast weight loss, studies demonstrate and prove that in most cases when a person undertakes a fast weight loss, the lost weight normally does not stay off for the long term. Rather, people in such circumstances end up putting the weight back on in the not too distant future -- and, in many, many cases, these people end up weighing more than when the initially started their dieting regimen.

Several years ago, there was some thought that the closest 'thing? to a miracle weight loss pill had been found. Scientists at Pfizer (the world's leading pharmaceutical company) began work on a diet pill that included hoodia and an hoodia extract known as P57. Hoodia is a plant that is indigenous to the desert region of Southern Africa. For thousands of years, Bushmen in the region chewed hoodia as an appetite suppressant and source of energy when they were on the hunt.

In recent years, researchers have concluded that a person using the hoodia extract P57 could lower their caloric intake by 1,000 calories a day with no adverse effects.

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