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Can Hypnosis Help You To Lose Weight

8/19 15:14:03

Hypnosis is a natural and powerful state of mind. As a matter of fact you enter a state of hypnosis many times per day. A trance is another term used in place of hypnosis. For example, anytime you are driving and you don't remember if you pasted your exit, you're in a trance or a light state of hypnosis. Anytime you are watching a television program and you are engrossed in the story? you are in a trance which is a light state of hypnosis. It is not difficult to experience hypnosis, you are in and out of trance that the real effort is snapping out of it.

Hypnosis is effortless and natural, your mind is comfortable ?zoning? out and coasting on autopilot. Think about how easy it is to drive your car, tie your shoes or eat a bag of chips. You may not have realized how easy it is to experience a light trance until I just mentioned it right now. Think about sitting at the movie theatre and holding a box of popcorn, how long does it take for you to become aware that you ate too much? Usually when it is gone. That is unconscious behavior, eating until you are stuffed is another form of trance. It is simply a habit, the movie starts you eat popcorn. No matter how good your intention is you still over eat because you are swept up in the moment and became hypnotized by the movie and eating and didn't regain awareness until your stomach cried out with pain.

Now you can use the power of hypnosis to not only break negative habits like overeating food like sweets, and chocolate but also to lose weight. Hypnosis is an excellent way to lose weight. It helps reprogram your unconscious mind, which is where all habits and beliefs reside. The reason hypnosis is so effective for weight loss is because people eat out of habit, rarely than physical hunger. If you only ate when you were hungry you would be eating about half of what you currently consume. People eat for comfort and boredom instead of for fuel. This is learned behavior, and it can be unlearned. Hypnosis goes directly to the root of the problem and offers a better solution. The mind is an obedient servant and will take direction that is in harmony of its values.

Repetition and conditioning is the key to reprogramming the unconscious mind. You should reinforce suggestions daily until you are unconsciously engaging in the desired behavior. Give hypnosis a try, you have nothing to lose except a few pounds.

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