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The Top 10 Tips To Weight Loss Health And FitnessTip 8

8/19 15:02:21

Tip # 8: Don't Kiss and Tell

One word of advice: no matter how tempted you are, and you will be tempted, don't tell anyone else about your new way of eating.

It's going to be hard not to share, but keep your teeth firmly planted on your tongue and just wait a few minutes?hold on, hold on, hold on, the urge will pass. I promise.

The only exceptions are the people who share your living quarters and maybe the one or two individuals who have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he or she supports you one hundred per cent (warning: that person will be very rare!).

Even the most well-intended family members and friends will consciously or unconsciously sabotage your efforts. Your change will make them feel uncomfortable, which makes them rationalize their own bad habits. They will question you until you start doubting your own common sense and commitment to replace your unhealthy food habits with healthy ones.

When someone notices that you are eating differently and asks you the inevitable question, ?Why are you eating like this?? simply say: ?Because it works for me.? Then drop the subject.

When you know that something is right for you, no matter how anyone else feels and reacts around you, you don't need anyone's approval or support.

Someone else's opinion of you is none of your business!

The truth is the truth, and you are aligning your life with that truth.

Just as important, don't preach to other people. It's difficult enough to change yourself, much less try to change others; especially those closest to you.

The only chance you have of changing another person is by example; or if you are the sole cook in the family and your partner puts no more effort into the food than putting it into his (okay, or her) mouth and chewing.

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