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Effective And Easy Weight Loss Tips Takin It Easy Part 1

8/19 15:01:21

If the thought of going on a diet gives you shudders, then it's time for a change of plan. Essentially, you need to change your approach to dieting. Dieting is never easy, just try these tricks to make it easier.

. Avoid overeating late at night. they say that late night foods are harder to digest, whether that's true or not, experts say that eating earlier in the day prevents you from getting too hungry losing control and overeating in the evening.

. Eating is a good pastime for a lot of people when bored. To get out of the habit, make a list of 10 non-food related activities to do instead of eating when you are bored, tired or anxious. Good choices include; going for a walk, writing a letter; knitting, sorting out your holiday snaps or phoning a friend.

. Every morning visualize the slimmer, trimmer, new you. It will help you start the day with positive intent and carry on the good work.

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. Drink a glass of fruit juice or eat a piece of fruit half an hour before meals. the sugar in the fruit will satisfy your calorie cravings and you will end up eating less.

. Learn to differentiate between real hunger and the hunger induced by stress, loneliness and fatigue. the se are amongst the common hunger triggers so before you reach out for the chocolate, work out if a nap, chat or a good cry are what you really need. It it is hunger go for raw vegetables rather than high-fat comfort foods.

. You know you are not hungry but that craving is about to get the better of you. try brushing your teeth instead. It can work wonders.

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. Try a turtleneck: They make your torso seem longer and your spine straighter. Wide necklines can emphasize slouch.

. Say no to shape-less clothes: Baggy T-shirts, boxy jackets and over large shirts can only drag you down. Instead go in for tailored jackets. Remember, best style follow the contours of your body, cutting in at your waist instead of dropping straight to the hips, and have a bit of padding in the shoulder

. Last but not the least, stand straight and don't over-accessorize.

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