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Stretch Marks What Exactly Are Stretch Marks And Can They Be Treated

8/19 15:00:51

What exactly are stretch marks and can they be treated? Yes, stretch marks can be treated, but, before we get to the methods of treatment, let's first understand what stretch marks are. Stretch marks, also known as stria atrophica or striae distensae or as it's known during pregnancy, striae gravidarum, are caused by tearing in the skin and its underlying connective tissue. These marks occur as a result of direct trauma or stretching due to the enlargement of muscle or adipose(fat) tissue. Now, the skin has three different layers. The top layer is known as the epidermis, the middle, elastic layer is called the dermis, and the deepest layer is called the subcutaneous layer. Stretch marks actually occur in the elastic dermis layer.

As underlying tissue enlarges due to sudden and drastic weight gain, the dermis is stretched too far too quickly and its connective fibers break, thus, leaving some microscopic bleeding and inflammation that quickly evolve into the dreaded stretch marks. At first, stretch marks appear slightly raised and pink, reddish brown, or dark brown lines that then turn purple or violet. Over time, these lines will lose their color and will turn almost silvery in comparison to your normal skin tone.

marks often appear where the body often chooses to store its fat. So, in other words, places like the abdomen, the breasts, the upper arms, thighs, and buttocks are all prime targets for stretch marks. Although, they may look unappealing, stretch marks pose no sort of health risk and treatment is only sought for cosmetic reasons. With that said, what are some of the recommended approaches in preventing stretch marks or getting rid of the ones that you already have? First of all, let's start with the diet that one should be eating. You need to make sure that your diet is supplying enough vitamins C and E as well as the minerals, zinc and silica. All of these have been known to help form collagen among other things that could help eliminate and prevent stretch marks keep your skin healthy. Another option that is more costly, but more effective, is getting a prescription for a Retin-A cream which is derived from Vitamin A and is applied to the problem areas.

It has been shown to reduce the prominence of stretch marks, but pregnant women are strongly advised not to use such creams since the high vitamin A content can greatly affect a developing fetus. Furthermore, science isn't even quite sure how Retin-A affects breast milk content. Still, the cream is effective when used properly. According to one study, Retin-A cream actually reduced the length of stretch marks by 14% and the width by 8%. In another study, Retin-A contributed to a 20% reduction in stretch mark length.

Costlier still is the option of laser therapy. According to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, a surgeon will use different lasers for different colors of stretch mark. One of the lasers reduces the dark pigmentation of the stretch mark while another stimulates pigmentation with the cells that have already turned a light silvery color. There is even a newer type of laser therapy that stimulates the cells to produce more collagen and help restore the elasticity in the dermis. However, it is unlikely that your health insurance plan will cover such procedures. So, be aware of the price tag.

Stretch marks are a part of life that many will have to learn deal with, but there is hope if the embarrassment of showing your skin is too great. Let's approach treatment in a stair-step fashion. First, begin with the easiest approach by eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. Also, supplement your diet with a good multivitamin. If that is not enough, then look into finding a reputable dermatologist to prescribe you some Retin-A cream. For many, this is enough to restore the much needed confidence to pull out that old, dusty bathing suit once and for all. But, if you want the best results possible and money happens to grow on trees, then look into a good cosmetic surgeon and see what can be offered in the way of laser therapy.

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