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Visualize Your Way To A Healthy Slimmer You

8/19 14:59:23

People, at this time of year, rush to gyms and to shops buying the latest gadgets and memberships very often only to give up weeks or months later.

I see this a lot in the fitness industry and I often think about why this is. I believe one of the reasons is people act on whims that often are not based upon real, deeply held and thought about, feelings.

They do not take the time to habitually visualise the new and improved version of themselves but instead focus upon external things instead.

It takes an element of patience and skill and to visualise what you really want to look like, to 'weld' it deeply into your mind, and then to act physically upon these passionately held visions.

Having sat down each day for five to ten minutes to soley focus on this new image of yourself means you will be much more likely to develop an ardent desire to achieve and maintain it.

We become what we habitually think about!

We become, physically, what we regularly see in our minds eye.

Take the time to learn how to get into a meditative state where you calmly focus on how you want to look and you will be ahead of others who flippantly disregard the big muscle between their ears that allows one to visualise in the first place!

Visualisation is used by many, many, top sports people now and is viewed as a vital element of success. They see what they want each day and then go get it!

Yet, despite this being the case, many 'normal' people trying to get in shape rarely seem to use this easily accessible technique. Controlling what you see and think is in easy grasp of everyone but so few actually take advantage of this fact.

My advice is this.

Set aside time each day to control how you see yourself and elevate this image to being more than you are now.

Set goals, see them, achieve them.

Have quiet time where you can meditate, if only for five minutes, and build a POWERFUL image of a new you in your mind.

Use your breath to 'inflate', and bring to life, this image of how you wish to look physically.

You will then be primed to go about PASSIONATELY achieving it!

(c) Tim Webb 2006

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