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Fitness Resolution 2006 The New Rules Of Training

8/19 14:58:49

Fitness Resolution 2006: The New Rules of Training

You've seen those amazing before and after pictures of men and women completely re-vamping their bodies in as little as twelve to fifteen weeks, right? Believe me, their success has less to do with their 'discipline? and more to do with their training program, so don't let the ?I Can't? bug hit you square between the eyes in 2006. Use these training methods to transform your body into a fat-melting furnace in record time.

1. Focus on Compound Movements: This is a multi-joint movement consisting of more than 2 joints and using several muscles at the same time. Compound movements use more energy than single joint movements such as a bicep curl, therefore burn more calories. The squat is a great example of a compound movement as the movement consists of the ankle, knee, and hip.

2. Use Combination Lifts to save time and increase your metabolism by working more than one muscle group within a single movement. The concept is simple, combine 2 or more movements into one exercise. Each single lift is performed one after another. In this order perform one rep each: Back squat + shoulder press + lunge (each leg). This equals one rep. Complete 8-10 reps for a total of 3-4 sets.

3. Kick-start fat loss with Circuit Training. You'll move from one exercise to another with 20-45 seconds rest in between. Set up 5-10 stations, each with the appropriate weight for the respective muscle group. Go for time, not reps. Spend 20-60 seconds at each station before resting and moving to the next exercise. Once you've completed the last station, rest 2 minutes and repeat for a total of 3-4 circuits.

4. Maintain a high metabolism through Barbell Complex Training while on a calorie restricted diet. Though barbell complex training is similar to circuit training, reps are counted rather than time (3-10 reps for each exercise), the same weight is used for each exercise, and the exercise selection is dependant upon the strength differences between larger and smaller muscles. Example Barbell Complex: Upright Row to Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press to Good Morning to Squat Push Press to Barbell High Pull. You'll use the same weight and barbell for each exercise, complete 6 reps of the first exercise, then move to the second exercise and so on without rest until all exercises are completed. This is one set. Rest 90 seconds and repeat. Complete 4-6 sets per workout.

You can choose one or all of these methods to design your training program. To use all four, rotate training methods on a weekly basis and perform 2-3 workout sessions per week:

3 workout sessions each week performed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Week 1: Compound Movements
Week 2: Combination Lifts
Week 3: Circuit
Week 4: Barbell Complex

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