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Phentermine Shed Your Extra Pounds

8/19 14:58:47

Weight loss is the primary focus when you find yourselves overweight standing on your bathroom scales. But health experts say, ?Don't go by the weighing machine? because what matters is your Body mass index (BMI) which is a way of relating your weight to your height. An ideal BMI is taken to be 20 and 25 and if your obesity count is more than 30 you are diagnosed with obesity.

Being overweight is not a disease, but obesity is. Being seriously overweight or obese not only puts strain on your body by making your joints in your knees and hips prone to osteoarthritis, but you may find yourself short of breath when making anything but the slightest physical exertion. Excess weight or obesity is also a factor in triggering diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases and strokes.

In cases of morbid obesity where the BMI count is more than 40 the doctor recommends oral weight loss medications to protect the patient from life-threatening diseases accompanying obesity. The most popular and effective among diet pills available in the market is Phentermine. It is an appetite suppressant and is used in the short term treatment of obesity.

Phentermine is an "anorectic" or "anorexigenic" drug which works by stimulating the central nervous system, which causes the heart rate and blood pressure to rise and in doing so decreases appetite. Phentermine should only be administered as a prescription medication to assist with the battle of obesity but it should not be used for "cosmetic" weight loss. That is, Phentermine should not be used only to improve appearance. Phentermine is not recommended for use by people who are only mildly overweight unless they have health problems that are made worse by their weight.

The use of appetite suppressant drugs is rather popular because they seem to achieve very fast short term weight reductions. But to lose and maintain weight successfully over the long term, Phentermine should be combined with a healthy lifestyle including physical activity and improved diet. Along with Phentermine online information, you can and also seek free consultations from experts over the web. You can also buy Phentermine from online pharmacies with just the click of a mouse and from the comforts of your home. Moreover, cheap Phentermine is made available by many online pharmacies at very competitive prices but you must be wary of not being lured by unscrupulous drug suppliers.

To cope up with the epidemic of weight-related problems like obesity the weight loss industry all over the world is growing by the day. Focus on weight loss can not only harm your metabolism but also your wallet and your confidence. The most effective weight loss theory of all times is a balanced diet with caloric restriction and a regular exercise schedule. But you must adhere to a diet plan only considering your individual metabolism preferably on consultation with a dietician. Therefore you must always consult your physician before considering any form of treatment for obesity and related diseases.

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