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Can I Use The Law Of Attraction To Lose Weight

8/19 14:55:33

Some of the most popular questions I get asked by e-mail or at seminars is can I use Law of Attraction to attract more money, attract an ideal mate or to lose weight? Yes, you can use Law of Attraction to lose body weight, and I'm going to share with you my own personal journey on reducing my body weight over the past four years.

I used the Law of Attraction to attract the things I needed to do, know or have that were in alignment with my goal. Your list will likely be different than mine, but at the same time, only YOU know what YOU have to attract into your life to help YOU lose your body weight. The key is to pay attention to what you're attracting and see if it's in alignment with your desire to reduce your body weight. And if it feels good ? DO IT.

Here is what I attracted and how it has helped me:

On Tour and Traveling with Sandy - First I attracted my assistant Sandy's help. In 2005, Sandy and I traveled to 65 cities to deliver seminars. Before we arrived in each city, Sandy knew where the local health-conscious grocery stores were located, our favorite being Whole Foods Market?. (We especially loved the one located near Central Park, NY). Sandy's eating habits and nutritional education has been very helpful to me and she has been totally supportive of my own newfound eating habits. Thanks Sandy.

My Daily Hiking/Running partner Geoff ? Since 2002, I have been hiking in old growth forests in the west coast of Canada near my home in Victoria, BC. During the first year, Geoff and I hiked every weekend only... what a commitment that was for me! Plus for all of 2005 and so far in 2006, we have diligently hiked and/or run 6 mornings a week when I'm home. We meet at a local park at 5:30 a.m. each day and start from there on our journey and hike every morning? that's where I get all of my energy! Thanks Geoff.

I have core muscles ? That was a surprise to me. My dedicated fitness trainer, Astrid spent a year with me teaching me how to use my core muscle in my hiking, running, walking and during exercises. Astrid kept me on track. I owe the core muscle training all the credit for keeping me so active ? especially on my 5K running schedule. Astrid is a Medical Exercise Specialist/Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. I highly recommend her "90-Day Healthy Habit Former" Check it out at http://www.unleashingbook.com/astridevent1.htm. Thanks Astrid.

Metabolism Education - Wanting to learn more about my metabolism, I had my friend Anna Kanary www.annakanary.com provide me with some excellent information about a metabolism balancing clinic called SureSlim? www.SureSlim.ca. Learning how to balance my metabolism (without having to use drugs or pills) has dramatically decreased my body size. Thanks Anna.

Eliminated food cravings ? In 2004, my good friend Linda Storey www.everydaychoicescoaching.com, held a workshop in Victoria, BC, called "How to Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to Eliminate Food Cravings and Habits". At that workshop I used the EFT process (it's SO simple!), to "tap away" any interest, cravings or desires I had for the following foods: french fries; bread; potato chips; soda pop; and ju jubes, and I have since yet to have indulged in any of those foods in over two years. That's why I refer to Linda Storey as the ?Queen of Removing Food Cravings?! Contact Linda at lindastorey@shaw.ca. She can help you too! Thanks Linda.

As you can see these were the five prominent things that I attracted. There have been many, many more attractions such as watching a documentary on metabolism on television and watching a program on how to hike when you're overweight. These are all positive manifestations that are all in alignment to my desire to lose weight. If you see me on my seminar tour this year and you've seen me 'live? before, you will definitely notice my weight loss.

Raise your vibrations around attracting everything you need to do, know or have so you too can reduce your body weight and have a happy slender body if that is one of your desires.

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