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Lose Weight With Three Bites

8/19 14:51:39

Sometimes life is just too short to say "No"!

When you're eating out or having a special meal and you really want to have dessert, it's not always sensible to deny yourself and feel deprived. You'll only rebel later and make up for those feelings of deprivation with a feast.

On the other hand, when you know that a slice of cake or creamy dessert will be 700 calories or more, which you can definitely do without, you are left with a "should I / shouldn't I" dilemma.

As a compromise, ask for the smallest portion of whatever you really want - at a restaurant you can ask a friend to share. And then take only three bites.

Eat your treat as slowly as you possibly can, linger over it and enjoy the taste in your mouth. Make the very most of those three bites and then cover the rest with your napkin.

You can't do much damage with three bites if you simply have to have something and it means you can enjoy your treat without the guilt.

And far from being a waste of money, it doesn't matter whether bites four to fifteen land in the trash or on your hips - you are spending the same amount.

You can try this with other highly fattening foods too - allowing yourself three bites of anything will mean that no food is forbidden and somehow you don't crave it quite so much when it's on the "allowed list".

Just remember to save this strategy for when you really need it, when the desserts are so delicious you just can't resist or when you really need a treat, because if you do it all the time those bites do add up!

Copyright 2005, Janice Elizabeth Small

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