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4 Simple Burn Belly Fat Exercises

8/19 14:47:56
Since spring has finally sprung and the sun is shining bright, lots of people are starting to focus on burning that extra belly fat that prevents them from having a great looking midriff.

Spring and summer inevitably bring feelings of a need to lose a wee bit of that belly fat and if you're like me there were plenty of meals during winter when I could have left the table a little bit sooner. So we're going to look at a few exercises to flatten your stomach here. The good news is that there are dozens of weight loss exercises. Some are more effective than others and some, including these ones are particularly good for burning belly fat.

Always remember to warm up and stretch properly before hand and consult a professional before doing these exercises to avoid injury.

The Hip Lift

For this belly fat exercise lie on a hard floor on your back. you can use a cushion or lie on a yoga mat in order to protect your spine. With your arms at your side, turn your palms to face upwards and straighten your legs out as far as you can towards the ceiling and at a ninety degree angle to your stomach. Keep the legs as straight out in front of you as you can and try not to bend the knees. Now lift your hips up and away from the ground whilst at the same time pulling your abdominal muscles in and down towards the spine. Keep your legs pointing upwards. Hold it like this for a few seconds and then carefully lower your hips to the floor. Repeat 12 times over.

The Seated Torso Twist

Sit on the floor for this exercise to flatten stomach. Put your feet flat on the floor about shoulder width apart and bend your knees. With your arms stretched out in front of you, lock your fingers together. Lean back about forty five degrees whilst contracting the ab muscles. Rotate your torso as far as possible to the right hand side, taking care not to strain or hurt your upper body. Try not to lead with the arms. Instead use the abdominal muscles to turn your body. It's like you're holding out an imaginary gun in front of you. Once you've turned as far as possible, rotate to the left. Take it easy, trying not to let your momentum twist you. Repeat 12 times.

The Stomach Plank

For this exercise to flatten stomach, lie on the floor on your front. Use a cushion or a mat if your stomach is getting sore. Lift yourself up on to your elbows and position them about a shoulder width apart. Now lift up your lower body onto your toes. With no arch in your back your body should be in a straight line. Hold for thirty seconds, then lower yourself back down. Once is enough for this exercise.

The Side Plank

This exercise to flatten stomach is a variation on the stomach plank - it starts in the same position - up on your forearms and your toes. Now roll onto your side keeping your right forearm on the ground to support your upper body. Lift your hips up and lean your left foot on your right foot. Just like the stomach plank, your body should be held straight, but this time you're on your side. Put your left hand on your hip and hold the plank position for five seconds. Return to the starting position and repeat on your left side.

Well that's it. Do these a few times a week and spring may be a little hard work but summer will be excellent. For some great reviews of the top belly fat burning programs check out belly fat exercise reviews.
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