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At What Point Should Overweight People Consider Weight Loss Surgery?

8/19 14:45:52
Obesity has become an epidemic in our society. The health impact is very serious with illnesses resulting from being overweight such as diabetes, heart problems, breathing troubles, circulation problems, and much more. This has led to a rise in weight loss programs and pills. Many of these diet aids have not been successful. Fortunately, there is one weight loss method that is having positive results. Today, weight loss surgeries are gaining more acknowledgment as an effective method of losing weight.

If you have been observing your weight increasing and decreasing on a regular basis, you may want to consider weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery has helped many people lose weight, transform their appearance for the better, and improve their overall health and well being. Weight loss surgery such as lap-band surgery and gastric bypass surgery can be well worth considering. However, there are preconditions to becoming a candidate for weight loss surgery. One must consider the following

1. One must meet a certain weight qualification. Most surgeons require that women be at least 80 pounds overweight before they will consider doing surgery for them. Men should usually be 100 pounds or more overweight. The body mass index (BMI) should be 40 or more, or a BMI of 35 with other weight related issues such as diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension. If you fall into this weight category, you may be a potential candidate

2. If you have serious health problems, you may not qualify for the surgery. This can include chronic heart or breathing illnesses.

3. If your obesity is threatening your health or even your life, you may be considered for weight-loss surgery. Such health risks include the risk of heart disease, strokes, cancer, respiratory disease, and liver disease.

You should discuss all options with your doctor and make it clear why you are considering weight loss surgery as an alternative to dieting and exercise. After weight-loss surgery, you will have to follow a sensibly balanced diet and healthy lifestyle in order to keep the weight from returning.

Medical reasons to consider weight loss surgery include: reversal of Type 2 Diabetes, improved fertility, improved or eliminated Hypertension, and living longer. Studies demonstrate that the lifespan of a person can be reduced by up to 20 years with morbid obesity.

Gastric bypass surgery and lap-band surgery are the two most popular weight-loss surgeries. Gastric bypass surgery involves having your stomach stapled. Lap-band surgery involves inserting an adjustable or removable band. With lap-band surgery or gastric bypass surgery, your doctor will ask that you start an exercise program and to begin eating healthy foods. If you don't, then you will gain back the weight.

Not only will you be healthier when you lose the weight, you can enjoy activities you may have avoided for years such as going to the beach, swimming, walking, and much more. Again, weight loss surgery is not for everyone.

Unfortunately, the rate of obesity is steadily growing. One has to remember that weight loss surgery is a major life altering medical procedure. It is a serious decision that should be discussed with your doctor, family, and other important loved ones.
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