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How Parents Can Combat Their Teenagers Obesity Problem

8/19 14:43:12
When your young obese child hits the teenage years, things tend to change for them. For starters, your child is an obese teenager that, if not taken care of immediately, can lead them to become an overweight adult. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Secondly, teenagers don't generally like to cooperate in matters so getting them to comprehend the health risks associated with their extra weight can be an issue. You may have a hard time to convincing them to live a healthy way of life. Changing how they eat and how much they exercise are only two ways to solve the weight loss problem. However, you may need to go another route and that's enrolling them in a weight loss camp that will help them get started losing weight.

Many children returning home from school will head straight to the cabinets or refrigerator for a snack. Afterwards, they may begin their homework, play some video games or watch a bit of television until it's time to eat dinner. They eat dinner, watch a little more TV, do some more homework and then head to bed. Did you notice what was missing out of this scenario? There's no exercises listed and the lack of it... has become a nasty habit among children. In fact, many teenagers (girls especially) will sit and eat, claiming they've got nothing else to do.

When you're trying to get your child to lose weight, the approach you take with your younger overweight child is going to differ when they become a teenager with the weight problem. All your attempts to get them to lose weight won't go far since the teenager must want to lose the weight too.

Since your teenager can read, why not sit down together and do some research on obesity and possible health risks associated with it? While you're researching this, do some searching on the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. You may succeed in opening their eyes to the danger of their excess weight and they'll begin to lose weight on their own.

To encourage your teenager to lose weight, consider losing weight together. If you can stay motivated, it'll encourage them to do the same thing. If you hold yourself accountable for your failures, they'll follow your example. You'll work together as a team, which tends to lead to success in weight loss. Make a competition from it and see who meets their goals first. Add an incentive so you both strive to meet your goals.

Ignore ads that claim you can lose 20 pounds in two weeks without any diet or exercise. These claims are untrue and are only marketed so you'll purchase their product. In fact, some ingredients in these products can be detrimental to your health.

Remind yourself that you are not the only parent with an overweight/obese teenager. If you don't know what you should do, ask for some assistance from professionals who are trained to handle it. They can show you the direction you need to go including instituting a family diet or sending your child to a weight loss camp (or fat camp).

Whether you choose to do a weight loss program with your teenager or send your teen to a teen weight loss camp, the main thing is to combat this issue now. Your teenager won't be a teen for long and you certainly don't want them suffering obesity in their adult years. Make sure they understand how serious their overweight condition is and why, if you choose to send them to weight loss camp, you are sending them there.
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