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8/19 14:42:41
A few months ago, I got a call from my mother asking me to come over and see her new gift, a south beach diet cook book, which was given to her by her sister for her birthday. My mother had been on the plump side after spending a lifetime being slim and dare I say, sexy. Still, her look didn't bother her at all. She was always stylish and knew how to get away with things. She did however have a hard time walking for long periods and it was obvious that she was uncomfortable with her new weight. The south beach diet cook book was a good gift and since it came from her sister, she didn't feel insulted by getting such a gift. In fact, she was ready to try out something new so she had asked me to see if we could try new recipes from that book.

As a surprise to her, I showed up with a friend of mine who happened to own a south beach diet catering business. As one of the pioneers of such a unique niche of catering, she was well known in the circle not only because she was one of the first to do this, but she owned around 5 world class restaurants which were frequented by many people, both from the upper crust and those in the masses. To me she was an ideal person to bring with to see my mom My friend and I first went to the local market and sourced for what she considered were some of the must have basic components in any south beach diet. We spent an hour purchasing items and talking about our old college days, those carefree times, and past loves and paramours, wondering what those people were doing now. To her and me, it was bonding time, something we have not done in ten years or so.

My mom was very surprised when we entered the house with basket of herbs, vegetables and condiments. She was also equally happy to see my friend and she did not know that my friend was a south beach diet cook book fanatic as well. In fact, later on, she had given my mom a list of alternate herbs and vegetables that can be substituted for those in the south beach diet cook book that were not available in the market.

We started off that afternoon by preparing the kitchen table workplace. This is an old tradition done by my mom's ancestors to a wooden food preparation table. We would cleanse it by pouring boiling water over the top and gently wipe the wetness with a thin cotton cloth, like the ones used for washable baby diapers. After this was done, we then figured out what meal to choose from the south beach diet cook book. The choice was done by chance by just flipping the pages of the book and letting my mom stop to which page she found interesting, which she did. We proceeded to have an afternoon of preparing and cooking a meal for four people, my dad included, and talking about food, experiences and part of our lives. The south beach diet cook book incident brought about an experience, a moment in time that I cherish forever.
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