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Can You Really Lose Weight With Colon Cleansing?

8/19 14:42:34
Colon cleansing is picking up more patrons each day with many people vouching by the ability of this alternative treatment in reducing weight and alleviating symptoms of constipation, indigestion and several other chronic diseases. So let's talk about what is colon cleansing and does it really work?

Colon cleaning therapists believe that the colon which is the final few inches of the large intestine gets clogged with fecal matter due to years of unhealthy eating habits. This wall of mucoid plaque harbors several bacteria and unhealthy fungi which in turn are the cause of several ailments from chronic fatigue to indigestion and others.

So through colon cleansing you attempt to remove this accumulated waste matter rendering the colon clean. Since the surface of the colon is not covered with waste it can better absorb the nutrients and water from the food. So in terms of weight loss not only do you lose the pounds that can be attributed to the fecal matter but also if you are following a diet regimen you feel active and energetic because the nutrient from the food are better absorbed by the body.

There are three ways to undertake coon cleansing you can wither visit one of the many hydrotherapy clinics cropping up in most major cities where the digestive system is flushed with a mixture of warm water and herbs to clean the colon, or you could use colon cleansing powders or pills available in the market or you could follow a regimen that couples fasting with a raw food diet to achieve the desired results. Regardless of the way you choose colon cleansing does in fact aid in weight loss.

Statistics have revealed that Americans are among the fattest people in the world and since obesity is responsible for several chronic illnesses it is safe to assume that we are looking at nation full of people who are on their way to developing ailments like diabetes, and coronary and cardiovascular diseases caused due to obesity.

Today more than ever people want to shed those extra pounds and cultivate a healthy lifestyle. However this desire has given rise to an entire industry of weight loss goods; while some of these are genuine others simply exploit a human desire.

What about Omega 3?

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish oil and are instrumental in keeping several ailments at bay however do they really help in weight loss?

The answer is 'yes' Omega 3 does help in controlling weight. One of the primary reasons of weight gain is the poor metabolism of sugar which leads to increased blood sugar levels. Also people with weight issues often have high cholesterol levels. Omega 3 helps to control both these anomalies and reduces the cholesterol and blood sugar levels; this in turn helps in weight control.

Another reason for the efficacy of Omega 3 in weight loss is the increased amount of Omega 6 that we consume each day through cooking fat. Omega 6 is found to ad fat storage in animals during hibernation and researchers suspect that it may have similar effect in humans. On the other hand Omega 3 consists of two components DHA and EPA; of these two DHA helps in reducing the amount of Omega 6 in the body thus preventing the storage of fats in the cells.

So when you consume Omega 3 fatty acids not only will you be able to reap several health benefits but will also be able to reduce weight.
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