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Gods Diet From The Bible

8/19 14:39:22
Fad diets never cease to amaze me. The God's Diet (or some call it the The Bible Diet) does fall into the fad diet category for a couple of reasons. First, there are many interpretations of what you can and can't eat. And second, there are no particular healthy aspects. Now before you dedicated fad diet followers try to lynch me, sanitation practices are not the same as healthy diet practices.

And if you choose to follow a strict diet based on your religious beliefs, that's up to you as an individual. But be aware that if there is any commerce involved like selling you something in order to be able to follow God's Diet there might be a rat in the woodpile. And if they happen to have the exact food, book, or whatever to sell you then you might take a hard look at what you are buying.

This all started centuries ago when Moses came down from the mountain as recorded in the Old Testament. Almost everyone is aware of the 10 Commandments but there were also some Dietary Laws that were told to Moses. You can find out more about these Dietary Laws in Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy chapter 14 in the bible. These two chapters tell you everything you need to know to follow the Bible Dietary Laws.

In the place and time of these laws, you can well imagine that the local cuisine could have some serious issues when it came to spoilage and sanitation. And when you read the laws there is no mention of either sanitation or health reasons to abide by the laws. These laws were to be obeyed due to respecting God's will and followed accordingly. So the primary purpose was to follow God's laws, not to lose weight or even follow any sanitation requirements.

These laws specifically dealt with what animals were "clean" and "unclean" and therefore you should only eat "clean" animals. There is also mention of utensils, storage, and preparation. If you use a knife or grill to prepare an unclean animal and then use it to prepare a clean animal, you have just turned the clean animal into an unclean animal due to contamination. If you have ever eaten Kosher foods, they follow many of the same rules for cooking and preparation.

Strict vegetarians also follow the same type of preparation rules that do not allow the use of any utensil that has come into contact with a meat product to be used in preparing their vegetable meals. If someone wants to adhere to the God's Diet they could eat at any Kosher or Vegan restaurant and most likely be safe from violating any of the Dietary Laws.

Due to the nature of the laws, all processed food and their less than healthy ingredients would be eliminated from your diet. That would be a good thing health wise and certainly help in reducing calories and contribute to any weight loss efforts. But there is no mention of portion control, reducing calories, and exercise; which are the foundation of any successful diet.

And there will be a lot of planning and preparation involved to strictly adhere to the laws. Eating out at any restaurant that didn't adhere to Kosher or Vegan food and preparation would not be possible. And buying any foods that meet the requirements will also cost more due to the meticulous methods necessary to stay within the rules of preparation.

It would take a very dedicated effort, increase your food costs, and eliminate most restaurants for eating out. And if you go cold turkey, your body will let you know that it's missing it's normal diet and cravings, bathroom habits, and other physical changes will occur. Maintaining this strict regime for long will test the most dedicated individual.
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