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Herbal Way To Lose Weight

8/19 14:34:50
More people are overweight these days due to the readily available rich food and lifestyle. And thus there is a overwhelming need to lose those excess weight for many people. Having an ideal weight does not only lead to a healthier lifestyle but it will certainly improve their overall well-being and boost their self-esteem.

There are many ways to lose weight, such as working out in the gym, diet programs, exercise programs, diet food and drinks, diet pills, all kinds of diet supplements and exercise equipments and even a massager that claims to slim down your thighs and waist. There is also one other way - that is the herbal way to lose weight.

The herbal way to lose weight is the natural way and this is what a lot of people are looking for. When you take herbs either to lose weight or as an alternative health treatment, it will be a much longer time before you see any significant results because the medicinal effects of herbs are subtle.

A quick check online revealed that there are many herbal weight loss products in the form of pills, powder, liquid and even tea bags. Although, many herbal products claim to be safe and natural, it is better to study the ingredients carefully and do some research about the effects of the product before using them. Not all herbal products are safe as some do have side effects and there are no extensive research to prove the effectiveness of these products. Here are some of the ingredients found in some herbal weight loss products that you should look out for, as they may be harmful to your health:

Senna. This main ingredient found in weight loss teas, is a laxative. It stimulates the colon leading to increased bowel movements. The negative impact of this herb includes dehydration, colon problems and it can also be addictive. Some people can be addicted to Senna, and when addicted, they are not able to perform bowel movements without it.

Chromium picolinate. This is ingredient found in some herbal weight loss products is a synthetic compound. It is a nutrient which helps control blood-sugar level. However, Chromium, when taken in large quantities, may damage the chromosomes and cause dehydration.

St. John's wort. This herb when taken, increases the production of a chemical in the brain. Side effects include eye and skin sensitivity, mild gastrointestinal distress, fatigue and itchiness.

Many herbs although are natural, do have side effects. Side effects include nausea, stomach irritation and diarrhea. Most side effects are mild but there may be some that can be serious. Not everyone, will have the same side effects. If the side effects continue longer that usual or become more serious, you should stop taking the herbs and seek medical advice. Some herbs do conflict with your existing medication. Always do your research and consult your doctor before taking any herbs. Always bear in mind that herbal remedies should not be used to replace the care of a medical professional especially in life-threatening situations.
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