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In The Fat Burning Furnace With Rob Paulos

8/19 14:29:55
Striking out against long held theories and passionately held beliefs is not the way to win friends and influence people particularly when that group of people are thousands of gym and fitness instructors world-wide. Here are the gurus of the fitness industry! Their clients put in the hours pounding treadmills, stationary bikes, rowers and the whole galaxy of fitness machines installed in their gyms. Their clients are urged to spend up to at least an hour a day or more up to five times a week in cardio exercises to burn calories and lose fat. No one will question that these exercises can improve fitness. But their cardiovascular endurance may not result in their desired muscle to fat ratio.

Rob's Challenge.

With the economic might of the entire fitness industry against him Rob Paulos has stepped into the fat burning furnace with a few rather challenging ideas. What is amazing is that Rob's Fat Burning Furnace gets results, it works almost in defiance of all the long held beliefs of the entire fitness industry. With the money invested in this industry it is little wonder that the last thing this industry needs is a frontal attack from a 'successful guru' suggesting that their programs are fundamentally flawed. It is also not surprising that Rob's theories are written off as a 'con' and a 'scam'. In the end there is only one way to find out, try it for yourself. It will cost you only in the region of a month's membership fee at your local gym.

Inbuilt Defense Mechanisms

Why is it that the fat loss by clients in your local gym are not that spectacular? Rob;s theory is that while long-duration low intensity aerobic exercise does burn fat the body throws up a critical defense mechanism that is bad news for those wanting to lose fat. This form of exercise sends a message to your body that you need to keep fat reserves in preparation for your next workout. So your body to protect itself is very reluctant to release the stores of fat you already have. It is very difficult to fight against the body's inbuilt defense mechanisms.

Your Current Capacity

Long-duration, low intensity aerobic exercise means you are only working within your normal limits. You are not actually forcing your body to increase the capacity of your muscles to perform at a higher level. You are only ever training to be efficient at working within your current capacities. You are not building reserve capacities to cope with additional stresses. It is also possible that the long-duration aspect of these exercises may lead to a wasting effect on your muscle mass over time. Since you are only working within your current capacity your exercise routine may only have a moderate effect on raising your resting embolic rate.

Long-duration exercises like jogging can lead to injury over the years. Our joints and tendons weren't designed to take the kind of pounding on a regular basis for years and years. You could actually be wearing out your body rather than building and strengthening it. These exercises can also concentrate the exercise in the lower body to the neglect of the upper body. This imbalance can in the long-term be the potential for further injury.

Building Up Extra Capacity

Rob Paulos through years of trial and testing has put his findings down in writing and his theories can be found in his Fat Burning Furnace program. He outlines a program of high intensity resistance training exercises to be performed two or three times a week. They can be performed in 15 to 20 minutes per session. They are designed to build capacity. They raise your resting metabolic rate for up to 70 hours which means you are burning fat in your muscles for hours after you have exercised. Your are still building cardiovascular health, increasing the flow of nutrients to feed the growth of new muscle being developed. For those with hypertension blood pressure is reduced. And you are losing fat by increasing your muscle to fat ratio. All this for a maximum of one hour a week, ie,. 3 sessions of 20 minutes each per week maximum.

To learn more of this radical exercise routine visit my web site below.
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