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Checking Into The Special Parts Of The Lap Band Patient Diet

8/19 14:28:03
What Is The Diet Best For Lap Band Patients?

The people that are going to have lap band surgery are making a big change to not only their bodies, but to their entire lifestyle as well. To begin preparing for this surgery, a gradual increase in exercise is required.

Once a workout routine is found and started slowly, times should start everyday for these exercises. Eliminating laying around and doing nothing but watch television is not an option for those patients preparing their bodies for this surgery.

Diet changes are a huge part of the preparation for this surgical procedure as well. Sticking to the diet outlined is vital in the success of the surgery. The new diet will also become an intricate part of a patients daily intake of calories post surgery.

Taking A Look At The Pre Surgery Diet

Making a change in lifestyle starts before the lap band procedure. Starting out by eating smaller portions and reducing caloric intake is important to getting used to the way one must eat after the surgery is complete. Choosing foods high in nutrition only a few month before the operation is always best.

The diet that is crucial for those patients planning for this surgery should follow closely the diet outlined by the doctor. One reason for this is the liver needs to shrink before the operation can be successfully performed. This helps to keep down the loss of blood and the degeneration of muscles. These diets usually consist of 800 to 1200 calories a day with the inclusion of high proteins and no fats.

A couple of weeks before the procedure takes place, patients will be advised to remain strictly on a prescribed liquid diet.

Patients that smoke cigarettes will need to plan on quitting. Those patients that drink soda should know that carbonated drinks are not permitted. Exercise should also be increased as well.

Facts About The Post Surgery Diet

Getting back to a normal diet will take up to six weeks. The first day immediately after the surgery, patients are only allowed to to suck on ice chips. The reason for these diet restrictions is due to the prevention of vomiting and nausea and are usually taken in four steps.

Once things go well after the first day, patients are allowed thin and clear fluids like watery broths. This type of liquid diet must be followed for two weeks without fail. Any sugars, dairy products, or caloric beverages should be avoided. Even the smallest chunks in a liquid could cause complications.

After the two weeks of liquids, patients can start on pureed foods only on the advice of their doctor. These are foods that are similar to baby food. The doctor will advise the kinds of foods permitted in the pureed diet.

When the introduction of pureed foods goes well, the doctor will give the go ahead for solid foods. However, each piece must be small. Patients should also be aware that chewing up their food well is important in avoiding complications.

Avoid drinking liquids before and during a meal to be able to feel full. Doing so will cause you to still be hungry and that wastes the whole reason for having the placement of the lap band. This diet can start out with light meats like turkey or chicken.

Remaining diligent about the diet is the way to a successful surgical outcome. Being able to eat regular meals will come, but being able to reduce them and stick to the new lifestyle changes is the biggest part of positive weight loss through having a lap band.

What About The Long Term Diet?

Patients will be able to resume their normal lifestyle but with a few healthy changes. Foods will always need to be thoroughly chewed up and drinks are not permitted during and directly after meals. Some foods will always need to be avoided like popcorn, nuts, and asparagus. Those foods high in calories and carbonated sugar drinks will always be off limits as well.

The mental change patients undergo with having lap band surgery is as important as the physical one. However, by sticking to a healthy diet and lifestyle, patients will adapt quicker than they might think. The reward are great for the lap bad surgery when the doctors orders are closely followed.
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