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Benefits Of Eating Slowly

8/19 14:28:02
In today's fast paced world, more and more people are consuming their meals at breakneck speed. At present, an average person in the United States takes just about eleven minutes to finish his meal, while sometimes breakfasts and lunches on the go hardly last more than two minutes. Eating food fast and without pause is a growing health issue these days. You should definitely eat your meals slowly in order to avoid the negative effects that eating fast has on the body. Listed below are some benefits of taking time to finish your meals.

Tasting your food

Eating slowly enables you to properly taste and savor your food. When you gulp down all your food in just a few bites, you fail to experience all the textures and flavors that your food consists of. Not only will slow eating benefit your body, but it will also enhance the taste of your food, which will act as an incentive for you to consume all your meals slowly.

Weight loss

When you eat slowly, you tend to eat lesser. When you are not eating in a rushed manner, you are able to realize when you are full. This way you won't put more food into your body. Studies have reported that 'being full' is a concept that combines various parameters such as the number of times you have chewed a bite, the time that you have spent eating, how the food looks and of course the actual amount of food you have eaten. Therefore, slowing down allows to better appreciate how full you really are.

Avoid over eating

It takes the brain at least twenty minutes to receive the signal that your stomach is full. If you eat quickly, your brain does not have enough time to receive the message and hence you end up overeating. By slowing down and eating at a suitable pace, you will be able to better appreciate when you are full and hence you won't end up stuffing yourself. All this will eventually prevent you from putting on excess weight.

Becoming social

Eating is often times a social occasion and people of various fields regularly gather around a meal to socialize with one another. By eating slowly and taking time at the dining table, you will get more time to interact with family and friends. This will lead to an improvement in your personal relationships and consequently the feeling of a greater sense of connection.

Improving your digestion

Consuming your food slowly offers your stomach a greater amount of time to start the digestion process with respect to the food. If you devour a complete meal and send it to the stomach in a mere five minutes, the stomach may have trouble dealing with all that food and hence cause indigestion. Instead, if you slow down and eat your meal in around twenty minutes, the stomach has ample time to work on the food. Eating slower might also increase the number of times you chew the food, which in itself aids the stomach in digesting all the food that you eat.

From the above points, it is evident that eating fast can only cause harm to your body. Therefore, slowing down while you eat your meals is a great way to increase your overall health.
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