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Stop Eating Chocolate

8/19 14:26:51
It appears that the various weight loss companies who previously encouraged calorie counting and their own brand of food are now realising the eating is all in the head and are offering various ways to deal with "emotional eating". Hypnotherapy for weight loss has always recognised the fact that the way we eat is a habit response and as such stored in the subconscious mind. Therefore, it makes sense that to reprogramme the mis- information already stored, it is necessary to access the subconscious mind and this is how hypnosis works.

Do you think that if only you could stop eating chocolate that you would finally have control over your weight? That you could lose weight more easily only for that little sugar monster that screams and throws tantrums until it is satisfied. You would then be free. What if I said this sugar monster can be re-assigned to increase your desire to look after your body or indeed, be eliminated? What would this mean to you?

With hypnosis, you can lose your desire for chocolate and the other starchy foods that have no nutritional value other than to pad fat on your body. This is ideal for those who feel they could eat healthily only for that dreaded call for chocolate. Take control of your sugar cravings and get over the "need" to have chocolate.

With hypnosis and NLP you can re-programme your mind to choose healthier foods, bright, energy giving, foods with life. Here is a very simple exercise:

1. Imagine a table full of all the foods that cause you fat - chocolate, biscuits, cakes, pastries, crisps - whatever else you eat.

2. Beside this table, put another table and on this table, see all the fruits, vegetables, all the foods you know you should eat.

3. What do you notice about these two tables? What is the main difference?

4. Look at the table 1 and see how all the foods are various sheds of beige/brown. As you look at that table, do you feel full energy or do you feel blah.

5. Look at table 2, notice the vibrancy, the life, the energy - how do you feel looking at this table? You feel light, full of energy.

6. Make table 2 even brighter, bring it close to you. These are the foods you are choosing to eat.

7. See an incinerator beside table 1. Now place all the beige, blah foods into the incinerator. Say goodbye to fat, say goodbye to lack of control.

The benefit of attending for a hypnotherapy session is that you see why you are eating foods you know that are bad for you - is it to punish yourself, to ease boredom? You can find that you swap this negativity for a joy for life and for exercise. After all your body is a machine and expects to be worked but unlike a machine, the body needs rest and not just lounging in front of the tv but a renewal of the mind and body where you are re-energising. All the muscles need activity and inactivity. Your mind needs to be engaged and then rest.

By eliminating the desire for chocolate, you will be amazed at how easy it is for you to be free from the sugar monster. You will learn how good food tastes and appreciate quality over quantity.
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