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3 Great Diet Programs That Do Work!

8/19 14:18:42

The weight loss industry is now one of the fastest growing and indeed one of the largest in the world. Estimated at being worth over $350 Billion a year in the USA alone it is no wonder people are jumping aboard with so much money spent on advertising. People are becoming more overweight and indeed obese, and we all know the dangers to our health when that happens.

In this article I am going to tell you about 3 Diet plans or programs that do work. All are of course to be used in conjunction with exercise. Forget all the fad diets that don’t work and only put pressure on your bank balance. These diets can work for anyone if followed correctly.

Make sure before you begin any diet or program that you consult your Doctor. Always have a chat with them first to make sure nothing can cause any problems to you while dieting. Also understand you will need to change your eating habits and possibly your lifestyle as a whole. If you do not understand this part then no diet will ever work for you.

Ok, one great diet plan is the Five Factor Diet Plan. Here you need to exercise five times a week and eat five times a day. Each meal should have plenty of fibre, unsaturated fats, little or no sugar, low carb foods and of course lean, mean protein. For example chicken is lean and mean in protein. For many this diet is too much hard work so let us take a look at another.

The calorie restriction diet could be easy for you. However, depending on your attitude it could be very hard. This diet focuses on eating only vegetables and low calorie proteins with fruits. You will need to count your calories after eating for each meal. Some people will find this difficult and boring. Apart from that though there are no other restrictions as long as you eat only those food types of course!

The last diet plan I am going to cover is the “Cleansing Diet Plan”. This is all about eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables and then drinking lots of water. This diet plan will completely clean your body of toxins and other waste products which hinder your weight loss efforts. This diet will give you lots of energy and stimulate your metabolism helping you to burn more fat naturally. However, many people find it difficult to stick to the plan and you will feel hungry a lot of the time.

With all of the above, it is advisable to take a weight loss supplement that helps to suppress your hunger or appetite. This will produce the best results for you.

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