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Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

8/19 14:15:32

Weight loss is the goal of many millions of people at this very moment. With more and more american’s and people all over the world weighing in at higher and higher numbers each year, weight loss is not only a pass time but an obsession with people who feel they need to slim those bodies in order to be more healthy, live longer and look more attractive. But, the quick fix diets and schemes flooding the internet are not the ones that will give you the permanent weight loss results you want. Weight loss that yo-yo’s is harder on the body than staying overweight and in order to stop the yo-yo effect, you need to focus on weight loss that is slow, very slow and not a shock to the body.

For people who have a lot of weight to lose, losing 1 to 2 pounds per week may seem like torture. But, this slow rate of weight loss means you are making changes in the body that are going to last. IN order to lose weight and keep the weight off, follow these simple steps.

1. Take small steps. Cutting calories is the path to weight loss that many people choose. But, cutting calories too low can have a negative effect on metabolism. The key is to cut 500 calories per week from your current diet. That could be one can of soda (sugared) a day, or as simple as cutting out pastas and rice from your evening meal. This simple change will add up to 1 pound of permanent weight loss per week.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The number one reason for a fluctuating scale and for fluid retention is a lack of water. Simply put, if the body feels like it is not going to get any additional water, it will hold on to the water it has. While this is a natural reaction, it is not one we want to carry around with us every day. Just drink more and lose more.

3. Change the way you look at vegetables. Vegetables are not all created equal and potatoes and corn are not vegetables. The best vegetables to choose in a weigh loss plan are the darkest of greens and trees. That is right, spinach, dark lettuces and broccoli are great for weight loss. These are very low in calories and very high in vitamins that are just plain good for the body.

Weight loss is something that needs to be taken with care. The changes in our diet need not be drastic, just small and things that are not noticed as a diet at all. If we never notice that one less soda, or we do not miss that rice at dinner, we are more apt to lose weight without really thinking about it and that is the weight that stays off. Long term weight loss means living a new life, but that does not mean the life has to be one you are not comfortable living.

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