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Permanent Weight Loss and the Lap band

8/19 14:13:49

Lap band surgery is a laparoscopic surgery that has taken the medical community by storm. The reason is because it is a minimally invasive surgery that is done laparoscopically with no hospital stays. In fact, doctors usually send patients home in about 45 minutes and patients can resume their normal activities in one to two days. This has become the latest tool in the fight against obesity and has knocked gastric bypass surgery off of the podium because lap band surgery is helping individuals take it off and keep it off without having to do such tasks as rerouting the small intestines and stapling the stomach. What is even neater about the lap band is the fact that it is adjustable and it is reversible. That is something that is not achieved with gastric bypass surgery.

Adjusting the lap band

One thing that is on the mind of patients who receive lap band surgery and that is if their weight loss is permanent. The good news is that it can be. Throughout the weight loss process, the lap band is adjusted. It is adjusted until a certain level of comfort is reached and this is the point that will set the standard for how much weight is lost.

How the band is adjusted depends on how your stomach feels at night. If you feel like you are starving, then chances are you may need an adjustment. If you find that you are vomiting, you may not need an adjustment. You might just be eating too much food, taking bites that are too big, eating too fast, or not chewing your food well enough. These are some things to consider before thinking you need an adjustment. Also, don’t eat if you’re anxious or upset because this can also make you sick. It is also important to try to avoid microwaved food that becomes rubbery because it is difficult to swallow and many of the nutrients you need are not there.

As for how the band is adjusted, there is a port that is accessed with a needle. This can be done right in the doctor’s office. Then again, some doctors choose to do it in the x-ray department of the hospital so that they can use x-ray guidance, but this is a more expensive alternative that some doctors do not go for. The procedure is relatively painless and what the needle does is add or remove saline to make the band tighter or make it looser. It depends on what makes you comfortable and it may take several tries to achieve that level of comfort.

Permanent weight loss

Once the weight loss goal is achieved, the lap band can remain in place to avoid gaining the weight back. This is after it has been adjusted to a point that is comfortable for you and is keeping the weight off. Some believe that they have to have the lap band removed once they reach their weight loss goal. This is certainly not the case. It can be removed, but it can remain in place because, once that small stomach pouch is gone, there is room for more food and it will take a lot more to become satisfied. With the lap band remaining in place, weight comes off, stays off, and you still won’t need large portions of food to feel satisfied. That makes the lap band a viable weight loss solution that can keep you healthy and happy for many years to come. That way you do not have to worry about your weight ever again.

Lap band surgery can help you lead a healthy more fulfilling lifestyle. You will feel full faster, eat less food and lose weight in order to benefit your health. Discover your level of risk for various obesity related illnesses by using a BMI calculator.

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