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Can Diet Pills Help You Lose Weight?

8/19 14:11:20

In the last several years, obesity has become a serious matter in the US and much of western society. The fact the millions are seriously overweight effects millions of people directly, and the rest of the country indirectly as we all have to pay for the rising health care costs of treating this population.

That makes it everyone’s best interest to find an effective weight loss method to deal with this country’s overweight and obese populations. Can diet pills help?

Before we can figure out the best manner in which to treat the obesity epidemic, we must first try to determine why this condition – now classified as a disease – is at an all time high?

One important reason for the now epidemic rate of obesity and the millions of overweight people in America is our increasingly inactive lifestyles. As people become more wealthy they spend more time chilling out and enjoying themselves, and less time doing physical labor.

People with lots of money are able to hire others to clean and landscape their homes, mow their lawns, and even play with their kids.

Also, North American society has been inundated with sedentary entertainment alternatives. Instead of riding bikes, playing tag and swimming, the new generation of kids is sitting in front of televisions, computers and playing video games. While doing so, they are eating high calorie, high fat, pre-packaged snacks with little or no nutritional value.

Because the obesity epidemic is affecting children as well as adults – and is in fact beginning in childhood – the use of diet pills as a easy solution to obesity is a non starter.

What overweight people – both children and adults – need is a change in lifestyle that reintroduces them to physical exercise and encourages them to change their eating habits.

Weight loss supplements and diet pills should not be seen as a magic solution to the problem of obesity. But they can play an important role in this process.

Shedding weight is not easy. It requires discipline, a change in diet and a major adjustment in lifestyle towards more physical exercise. Diet pills and weight loss supplements should never be looked at as a sort of quick solution.

Remember that a pound of fat has about 3,500 calories in it. No diet pill on earth (ephedrine, prescription, or otherwise) can increase your metabolic rate enough to cause you to lose even a pound of fat per week. It just isn’t possible to do.

But when combined with more disciplined eating habits and pumped up physical activity, some weight loss products can have a positive impact.

For example, certain products contain ingredients that will make you more energetic. That makes it easier to continue with an exercise regime and causes more calories to be burned during exercise.

Trustworthy weight loss authorities estimate the results when using the correct weight loss supplements will be about double the results achieved with diet and/or exercise alone.

Simply put, weight loss supplements can be effective when a person has already embraced the decision to lose weight and has made the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to make it happen.

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