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5 Ways To Find The Best Exercise Boot Camp

8/19 14:04:36

Just about any boot camp will have you go through a number of exercises but you’ll probably need a lot more than that. Every body responds differently to exercise and is quite unique, so you should experiment with it to understand its capabilities, all while constantly working towards making it as fit and healthy as possible. Here’s how you can find the best exercise boot camps to meet your specific needs.

Most fitness boot camps last anywhere from 30-60 minutes training 3-6 times per week. They include resistance training consisting of equipment as well as body weight. Some exercises might include push-ups, running, lunges, core exercises, squats and partner or team exercises. Each fitness boot camp begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down, which incorporates stretching exercises. Try to find exercise boot camps, which give you all this, and more. Choose a specialized boot camps such as weight loss boot camps or sports specific boot camps, in order to meet your specific goal. Consider the 5 tips below carefully before zeroing in on a particular boot camp.

TIP 1. Find out how well the bootcamp fits you. No matter how good an instructor may be, stay away from boot camps that surpass a 15 to 1 ratio (participant to instructor). A limit must be placed on the participants to ensure the proper attention is given to each individual. This way everyone is able to stay on task and focused.

TIP 2. You must find out how encouraging or how intimidating you want your instructor to be, according to your goals and your personal flexibility. Some boot camps have instructors who have military backgrounds and take somewhat of a “hardcore” approach. The newest trend of boot camps has little or no military regimen but takes more of an energetic and fun personal training approach. Both however are a sure fire way to get results.

TIP 3. A highly regarded bootcamp should be instructed by a qualified fitness professional or personal trainer with appropriate certification and or a relevant college degree. A private fitness assessment as well as medical clearance should be mandatory. This time allows you the opportunity to ask the instructor any questions, and address any concerns before beginning.

TIP 4. A high-quality bootcamp trainer should answer all of your questions and by no means ask you to ignore bodily pains or injuries. Make sure to equip yourself with proper knowledge and not blindly follow your trainer. Most people are looking for a milder version of the traditional military style boot camp, which is encouraging and never pushes you to pull your body beyond its limit.

TIP 5. Any sound fitness camp should provide some sort of trial period. Use this time to learn as much as you can from the instructor and existing members and discuss their results. Make sure you have plenty of time before or after your trial sessions to talk to others. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, pay close attention and listen carefully during the class to get a feel for things and quickly determine if the particular boot camp will be a good fit for you.

Brandon Carrier is a Kansas City Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert and Author. He and Brittany Katz are the owners of www.BootCamp21.com / A 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp located in Kansas City/Overland Park. To find out more about these rapid results Kansas City Boot Camps, visit BootCamp21.com for the answers to all of your Kansas City Boot Camp questions.

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