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Why Diets Don’t Work

8/19 12:20:06

If people want to lose weight, they usually turn to diets. Unfortunately, dieting doesn’t work. It
may work for a short period of time, but the weight will always come back on, and many people
end up gaining even more. It has been estimated that around 70% of female and 30% of male
adults have dieted at some point in their life. And yet, the rate of overweight and obese people
continues to rise.

Diets don’t work for many reasons. Many are fad diets that require people to highly restrict their
intake of calories or carbohydrates. Most diets involve a significant change in a person’s normal
eating habits over an extended period of time. The problem is that we have a hard time with change – many feel that their habits define them and who they are. Giving up what you have
always known can be scary.

Dieting is also difficult because it relies on our willpower to keep us on the right track. The
reality is that many people don’t possess a lot of willpower over long periods of time, especially
if the dietary rules are strict and they constantly feel hungry. Dieting is difficult because people
have not learned the difference between willpower and a commitment to a long term behavioral
change when it comes to diet and exercise.

The first step in weight loss is assessing your current health and overall fitness level. A few
important things to know are your Body Mass Index
(BMI), Cholesterol Levels, and Blood
Pressure Levels. Knowing these numbers is important so that you are able to construct a
lifestyle plan that will cater to your individual fitness needs. This is usually done through a
personalized fitness regime and a customized diet plan.
What is your BMI?

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies
to both adult men and women. It is a simple calculation but provides a decent indicator of

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