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Tips On How To Reduce Weight – Easy Tips

8/19 12:14:50

Easy methods to reduce weight and lose fat can be boring to read about, and even more difficult to actually do! It may be surprising for you to find out that Asian women have been able to lower their weight and get lean for thousands of years without going hungry and without working out! Today we’re going to check out a few ways in which Asian women get thin and STAY thin!

The Best Way To Reduce Fat Tips

Get your mind right – You would be astonished at how much your brain actually controls whether or not you’re going to lose fat, regardless of your workout or diet programs.

I always advise clients in my Skinny Asian Diet program that they have to learn one of my straightforward forms of meditation to relax and de-stress their mind daily if they’re going to reduce their weight and eliminate fat permanently.

One simple meditation method is to just regulate and FEEL your breathing. Close your eyes and be conscious of each breath you’re taking.

Every time you take a breath and exhale focus on the precise activity going on in your body as it happens…from your chest widening and retracting to the sense of the air as it fills your lungs.

Think about your rib cage as it moves and notice that your upper back increases in width to handle the extra fresh air.

As you exhale, picture your breath expanding outward, filling the whole room with positive energy. Your body enjoys the air you take in, it’s one thing we all take for granted but in reality breathing is a simple delight we often miss.

Why it Works

Meditation can substantially lower the presence of the hormone “cortisol” in your bloodstream, and that’s particularly important to people who are striving to lose weight and get lean.

The reason for this is due to the influence cortisol has in programming our body to preserve and store fat, even when we’re working out or on a diet, due to the stress and pressure we’re having to deal with.

It’s incredible to think that a naturally-produced hormone is actually an enemy, and in reality you need cortisol for what it does do, which mainly is help the body as an anti-inflammatory.

We don’t want to wipe out cortisol, we just want to prevent too much of it from being produced to allow us to cut down weight.

Meditation can lower cortisol levels to normal levels where weight loss can take place thanks to our brains being given a wonderful release through the soothing effect it has. Practice it once a day for at least 5-10 minutes and you’ll be on your way to triggering the right atmosphere to drop fat quickly!

Success is Closer Than it Feels

It can be tough for anyone, but here are a few ideas on how to lose 10 pounds in a week. If your trouble region lies in your belly, I suggest you check out these Asian diet secrets.

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