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Eight Top Rules For Losing Weight

8/19 12:12:53

If you are bodybuilding or trying to lose weight it is beneficial if you can gain muscle mass, this is so because muscle consumes far more calories than fat and hence will cause you to lose weight. There are certain procedures that you can follow to make this a reality. Here are some of the steps you can take to keep your body fat low and achieve rapid weight loss.

The keep your metabolism revved up, consume a balanced diet. The optimum ratio would be to keep your fat consumption to about 20%, your carbohydrates to 40 to 45%, and your protein to 30 to 35%. This ratio, and being sure that the carbohydrates you consume are of the complex variety, will help to ensure the optimum blood sugar and insulin levels.

Try to eat six small meals per day, be a grazer not a gorger. This will boost your energy level and keep your blood sugar levels well controlled without any spikes or valleys.

If you have discovered the caloric intake your body requires to maintain your weight, reduce that by five hundred calories per day on week days, and increase it by seven hundred calories on the weekend. This will enable you to lose fat but not bog down your metabolism.

Muscle mass weighs more than fat. As you increase your muscle mass, you may actually weigh more on your scale. It’s better to judge your progress by comparing photographs or measuring your waist. Go by how you look, not by what the scale tells you. Increase your muscle mass to achieve quick weight loss of fat cells. So, remember, your body weight may even increase slightly due to the alteration of your body composition to a higher muscle versus fat ratio.

Do not rely solely on cardiovascular workouts to reduce fat. If you do this you will simply lose muscle and fat and not alter your body composition appreciably. You must perform resistance weight training in order to experience a corresponding muscle mass increase. The increase in muscle mass will cause more caloric consumption and reduced fat content.

Do a 30 minute aerobic workout when you first get up – before you eat. The glycogen level in your body is low and your body will use your fat stores for energy.

Stay well hydrated all day by consuming a lot of water. It helps control your appetite. It also makes your liver function better by relying more on your kidneys to remove toxins. Also, as your body utilizes fat, your body needs water to remove the by products of fat metabolism. Generally, consume approximately 30 milliliters of water for every 500 grams of body weight. Consider drinking ionized water to maintain your electrolyte balance. Wade Lightheart, CSNA, three time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion says he came out of retirement and returned to championship form by drinking plenty of water.

Get adequate sleep, between 8 to 9 hours a night. Lack of sleep tends to make you gain weight, due to increased cortisol levels. Cortisol tends to make the body store fat! In addition, it serves to reduce levels of testosterone, which is a primary anabolic hormone.

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